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Their life in hell is just about to start.

Today is a momentous day in the short history of this blog, with the event of my mini-review of Asatte no Houkou anime. Read on to know why. As this is a 2006 anime, it will compete with Kiba the TV Animation for the Best Anime in 2006 title.

The physical disadvantage quickly manifests itself for our formerly-tall snobby lady.

A snot-nosed kid and a snobby lady inadvertently swapped ages, and their life turned into chaotic hell. They don’t even try to get back to normal as they adjusted to their new forms, especially with dealing with their skeptical family and friends. And that’s basically is the story muahahahaha.

Sure, sure the synopsis is oversimplified, and yeah the story is not exactly a masterpiece, but it has charm, which is something I do not really expect from this title. The story is still pretty good, which gives this anime a boost.

Character developments are done well, albeit maybe a bit lacking in certain places. Speaking of that, the two main characters are excellent and really drive the anime forward. They injected life into this series and actually the major source of what makes this series appealing to me in the first place. I started every episode in anticipation to see what each one of them will do next.

It really helps that there are no single episode here that are wasted, with each dedicated in advancing the story or doing character developments or even both. The ending is also done very well, although I do not really like it. Not too long with only a dozen episodes, the anime did not have any weakness in this aspect.

So, what did a graduate from a certain university in Boston, Massachusetts do when trapped in a 12-year old body, in summer vacation?

Character Design:-
In general, character design in this anime is well done. Not many black hairs here, and the snot-nosed kid older brother looks suspiciously like a hentai anime character.

The answer is NOTHING! Especially if she has to…

Voice acting:-
The snot-nosed kid has some dodgy voice acting early in the series, and the director probably has whipped her into shape because she improves as the series goes on. Anyway, voice acting here is good, without any outstanding characters.

This anime has excellent OST and OP theme, but not the ED theme. That insert song at the second half of the anime is also great. A positive point of this anime.

…babysit a 24-year old crybaby that started everything in the first place. Truly my fave character here.

Like the voice of the snot-nosed kid, the animation is dodgy too in the early part of the series, in certain scenes. As with her voice, it also improved as the series goes on. No action or fast-paced scenes in slice-of-life anime thus no comment on choreography. The directing is good, especially at controlling the flow of the story very well.

The daddy is at the left, mommy at the center and the child at the right. Don’t be alarmed by the size ‘abnormality’ here. Do not call the FBI.

9 out of 10.
And for the first time in the history of this blog, doing what the likes of Haruhi Suzumiya cannot do, this anime dethroned Kiba the TV Animation to become my Best Anime of the Year 2006. Unlike Nodame Cantabile, this anime should be easier to be beaten, with the only problem is that I seems not be able to find any good 2006 anime that deserved a perfect score. If only Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is a 2006 anime…

I forgot why I took this screenshot, so here is the filler caption.