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Naruto Abridged 12 – the video that started everything.

I come to know about this Comic Party anime from the Naruto Abridged video above, which were used for the Chuunin exam. After some time, my curiosity breaks me down and here we are with the review of the said anime, a title that makes Sasuke scratching his head during the exam.

“Who is she?”. The first thought that comes to my mind at the start of second season.

Kazuki Sendou, a procrastinating third-year high school student, was coaxed into drawing doujinshi by his erratic close friend Taishi Kuhonbutsu. As he ventures into the dark world of doujinshi all the way into his college years, he meets plenty of beautiful girls (the reason will be outlined below) and that’s about it.

Yet another series based on dating simulations like AIR, the first season started slowly with a story that is actually decent. It wasn’t great, but not bad either. It is in the second season where the series took a head-first plunge into a deep ravine. This is because this series seem to require you to PLAY THE GAME BEFORE WATCHING THE SECOND SEASON.

First complaint about the second season is the introduction of characters that was in the game but not in the first season of the anime. When Subaru Mikage appeared onscreen for the first time, I was like, WTF at that time. This also applies to similar new characters like her. If she was introduced properly like what about 99.99% of anime out here has done, I will be OK with that. But here I have a feeling that she (and others) was inserted into this anime just like that, without proper introductions and with all character developments being done off-screen (I suspect it was in the game).

Second complaint about the second season is the disjointed storyline. With the first 4 episodes being the adapted OVA episodes, transition from the OVA-based episodes into the next 9 episodes is bumpy at best. Actually, it feels like watching 2 different storyline in there. The main 9-episode storyline also suffers the same syndrome.

The ending of the 2nd season is also lame, unlike the decent one in the first season. Meanwhile, I resented the fact that many of characters development for new characters are done in the game (it has to, or else how then the main protagonist can be so familiar and friendly with them). Overall, this is just like School Rumble, but worse.

The moment she comes out, I resigned to the fact that the second season is going to be awful.

Character Design:-
Same as AIR, the design comes straight from a typical dating simulation game. Except that black hair is quite common. Hahahaha.

The main protagonist is a To Heart crossdresser.

Voice acting:-
Voice acting in this anime is good in general, with no outstanding talents of note.

Sorry, but just like the second season, the music overall stinks too.

Usually a Windows-based laptop did not blue-screen when liquid spills on it. Most of the time, it just blacked out, or if you are lucky, it will explode.

Probably only the positive point of this anime, the animation in the whole series is good. The directing is not bad, with the exception for the mess that is the second season.

IRL, there are no cosplayer as good as her.

5 out of 10.
The first season alone should have scored at least 7 but the awfulness of the second season drags the score down.

Please do not, OK Japan?