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The main male protagonist, who is about to be eaten.

While hundreds of million of people around the world watched Spain slipped on a slick Swiss cheese, I’m watching a 2006 anime titled Ergo Proxy instead. Therefore after a long absence, Chocotto Sister will finally have its first challenger for the ‘Anime of the Year 2006’ title.

Well, he somehow escapes his horrible predicament, but still ends up in jail with the loli android a.k.a. one of the best characters in this anime.

In a post-apocalyptic world where humanity now lives in domes like the ones in Koukaku no Regios, the main female protagonist is investigating an outbreak of a mysterious virus that caused the android servants to revolt against their masters. In the course of the investigation, she meets the main male protagonist who is also involved in the investigation. After a long hard day at work, she was then attacked by a mysterious monster in the bathroom (emphasis added), which is also connected with the virus outbreak. Hunting for viruses and perverted powerful monsters, will she ever be able to solve the mystery?

The story in this anime is really good, and anyone who doesn’t hate science-fiction should take this title for a spin. This anime is a dialogue-heavy title (although not as much as Bounen no Xamdou) but there are plenty of action and comedy too in this anime. Excellent pacing and flawless story development will keep you glued to your seat, with some exceptions between episode 18 and the start of the ending arc at episode 21. The ending arc started with some offline scene progression (kinda like what have been done in the ending arc of Asura Cryin’ – but with less negative effects), but otherwise the ending is great and is open for a second season if the producer decides to do one.

Character development in this anime is largely good, although a couple of characters with relatively lots of airtime doesn’t really benefit from it. There are two great characters in this anime; the first is the main male protagonist’s loli companion android and the second is that android’s ‘father’, who is the head of the Security Bureau. The two main protagonists are not bad but they are not as appealing as the loli android is, nor they are as interesting and unpredictable as the loli android’s father is.

He doesn't seem to be thrilled to be in the same place as her though.

Character Design:-
The main female protagonist really stands out in this aspect for her controversial usage of mascara in this anime. It is so futuristic, several characters in this anime actually tried to mimic it. Well, the polarizing mascara usage is good for her, because she looks so ordinary without it. In general, character design in this anime is quite good, with the main female protagonist being the best. A positive point for this anime.

Nevertheless, the interaction between these two characters is one of the highlights of this anime.

Voice Acting:-
In this dialogue-heavy anime, a good voice acting performance is more essential than ever. And this is where the main male protagonist failed miserably. Just like in Excel Saga, the voice actress for the timid and indecisive main male protagonist simply cannot fit the profile of the character she voiced. But when the main male protagonist switched characters with the head of Security Bureau in that fake memory episode, the voice actress suddenly performed very well as the main male protagonist, in his new position, is kicking ass and taking names.

This is a pity because if you exclude the main male protagonist, voice acting in this anime is very good all around. As usual, the loli android, the main female protagonist, the genius doctor and of course, the real Security Bureau head stands out from the rest.

The loli companion android, one of the best characters in this anime…

The OST is not very good, and so are the ED theme from Radiohead. The OP theme is the only positive this anime has in this section.

…and this is her 'father' who heads the Security Bureau, also one of the best characters in this anime.

Animation in this anime is great, even in fast-paced scenes. Choreography is quite decent too, but not spectacular. The director has done a near-flawless presentation of this anime, with some neat first-person camera techniques too thrown in the mix. A plus point for this anime.

Mocking the main female protagonist is also one of the loli android's favorite pastime.

9 out of 10.
Chocotto Sister is still the reigning ‘Anime of the Year 2006’ title holder, but this anime is still a recommended watch. So, what’s next?

His answer to this TV quiz question is very predictable but still very hilarious.