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This is still the case in many places all around the world you insensitive clod!

Bored with 2007 anime, I now picked another random oldies that I have downloaded but not watched yet, so here is a Figure 17 review. It is surprisingly decent, you know. I also helped myself at taking a sh*tload of screenshots too.

And the stories about them is what makes Figure 17 so great.

Tsubasa moved school to Hokkaido (a Japanese locale rarely used in any anime) after her mother’s death. Then out of nowhere, a set of events nailed her a twin sister named Hikaru. But with such a present comes with excess baggage, which is to hunt alien lifeforms scattered all around Hokkaido.

This is one of the anime that are slow starters, taking about half of the episodes to get interesting. But the early episodes are not entirely useless, as the early stories mainly are used to develop Tsubasa’s character. Then the main story is slowly but surely gets introduced into the series. The story by itself is very well done, but not exactly a masterpiece. And the ending, while somewhat predictable, is quite good and polished with a proper closure.

Generally, this anime did not really have a weakness, and that can only be a good thing.

Teary big eyes common to this genre.

Character Design:-
Your typical shonen sci-fi anime demands a typical shonen character design. With the protagonist being only a 10-year old elementary school student, do not expect outrageous body shapes with big breasts. We still got big eyes though, but none of the outrageous hair colors (black excluded) that dominates shonen titles nowadays. Say hi to 2001.

She may be an emo, but the main protagonist is much worse so.

Voice acting:-
One of the better aspects of the anime, the voice acting for at least the twins is excellent. It is the rest of the cast that has generally only okay voice acting pulling the twins down.

Definitely the best aspect of this anime. It has a perfect score here, with great OST and OP/ED themes. A two thumbs-up recommendation from me for you to download buy.

One of the twins that is not emo in a friendly pointless banter. Forgot already why I capped this one.

Probably the weakest point of the anime. Spoiled with great animation quality in the last few anime I have reviewed prior to this, the animation here is a few steps back compared to them. Surprisingly though, fast-paced scenes does not seems to be affected. The last episode reused quite plenty of scenes though, and this will be a concern. Choreography of the action scenes is also mixed bag, with good scenes in one episode just to be average in others. The directing meanwhile is great, managing the flow of the storyline even in the earlier slow-paced episodes and managed to keep the series interesting before the main meat at the awesome second half of the series.

The emo twin stared at the flower that direct connections in making her an emo trainwreck. It’s a shame that she didn’t become a berserker.

A 9 out of 10.
Yeah, I do think this is better than Lucky Star. 1 point loss from the average character design and the animation (I am harsh dammit!).

One of the stories from the world of cows.