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The review for all 4 seasons of Galaxy Angel is overdue, but here it is.

From the excellent description at a Galaxy Angel boxtorrent entry:-

Milfeulle, Forte, Mint, Ranpha, and Vanilla are the beautiful female pilots of the elite Angel Brigade. The pride of the Transvaal Empire military, the crème de la crème, they are entrusted with the important task of seeking out an ancient relic known as ‘Lost Technology’.

Unfortunately, no one knows what this ‘Lost Technology’ is. Until this mystery is solved, the girls have to be contented with performing menial tasks of the highest order- anything from searching for a lost kitty, defusing a suicidal missile, nabbing child kidnappers, taming a 30-feet tall hamster and generally getting stuck in all sorts of hilarious situations.

There’s nothing the Angel Brigade can’t handle – or so we hope.

This description can be used to sum up all 4 seasons of Galaxy Angel. If you want to find a plot story in here, then you will be disappointed. Go play the game or something (which I have not done either). Each episodes has 2 stories, which most of the time are not related to each other. But if you want to laugh at crazy jokes, puns, one-liners etc. while they are doing those ‘menial tasks’, this one is for you.

If I were to rank the seasons in term of entertainment, season 3 is the best followed by season 2, season 4 and season 1 respectively. Thus, anyone who tried to rate Galaxy Angel solely based on the season 1 will miss out greatly. As you can start watching Galaxy Angel at any point of the whole series without missing anything, I will suggest you to try watching episodes from later seasons to grasp what Galaxy Angel is all about.

As mentioned above, the series does not have a visible storyline apart from finding Lost Technologies, and mostly those missions are swept aside as we watched the funny antics of the Angel-tai instead. The stories were written primarily to make the audience laugh, and mostly of the time, it works successfully. This is a series that has high value of replayability, a series where it never get boring to watch again and again. None of the anime reviewed before this has such values.

Character design:-
Galaxy Angel character designs, especially for Angel-tai members, are excellent. Well, it is your typical large-eyes, pretty face, non-black hair colours and impossibly voluptuous body shapes with big breasts. One also has bunny ears as accessories. This is one of those anime titles that rely of their character designs as their strong points like Shuffle or Air, but Galaxy Angel reached an entirely new level of awesomeness reserved to the likes of GetBackers.

Voice acting:-
Again, especially for Angel-tai members, the voice acting is exceptionally  great. Each seiyuu really play their role very well. The 2 outstanding voice actress here, which actually outshines the other 3 are Ryoko Shintani (Milfeulle Sakuraba) and Miyuki Sawashiro (Mint Blamanche). Not to say the other 3 are not good but these 2 are simply awesome and pleasing to watch as they stroll around in different situations.

All the OP/ED themes are on my iPod. That’s how great the OP/ED themes are. Almost all of them are catchy and I sometimes whistles their tunes. Although the OST is pretty much average though.

The animation is fluid, with some great CGI videos for their emblem ships thrown in. Although I do think the integration for animated and CGI is not done very well. But such moments are few and far between.

An almost perfect series, if not the weak first season (compared to the other 3). Also not for plot-loving watchers, as there is none of value here. For me, definitely 10 out of 10. Currently it is no.4 in my top 5 anime list.