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A new day, a new review! For horny anime-otaku everywhere, here is my take for Gantz, a violent anime with lots of dismembered body parts and also gratuitous nudity. And sex scenes, real and imaginary.

This one definitely not for everyone. And don’t even think of finding juicy screenshots here, a MSN Space for all ages.

Our porn-loving horny hero Kei Kurono and his childhood friend Masaru Kato died after being run over by an express train. Instead of going to Hell as all porn lovers do, Kurono and Kato has to settle instead at gawking at a black ball called GANTZ in a typical Japan flat, joining few other people who are already there. As Kuruno does that, a nude woman named Kei Kishimoto (not related) suddenly appears on his lap. And Kurono started to have what every normal man will do…….

After a few near-rape scene where Kishimoto gets to demonstrate her ‘assets’, the black ball commanded everyone in the room to find and destroy onion-eating aliens. From there on, Kurono and co. embarks on missions to destroy aliens, with plenty of body parts and some sexual action.

Unlike E’s Otherwise, this one only started to become interesting at the start of the second alien hunting mission. In the anime (I read the manga too), there are 4 missions and only the 2nd and 3rd ones are truly enjoyable. It deviates of course from the still-running manga, but it still can stand on its own. It also almost has no episodes that can be called fillers.

There are plenty of interesting characters in the anime, from the hero himself up to the horny dog and Sadako from The Ring, but my favoruite is definitely Kurono. He is just a selfish high school ichinensei, but is awesome in SEED^H^H^H^H berserk mode while fighting the aliens, almost like acting under the direction of John Woo. If you like action, you will like him. And he is good too at pleasing older women.

The story overall is not that great, but characters like Kurono and also some well-placed (not always) nudity and sex scenes somewhat compensates for that. You will wonder whether Kurono and <insert any given bouncy woman’s name> will survive a mission and get to make up at his room later. Somehow, I wonder whether I am sick or what. I highly suggest that you read the manga though, it is much better.

Character design:-
Well, nothing really to shout about. Although the size of the breasts of some of the women are DISTURBING! You are not supposed to complain about that right? The faces fits with the scenery of a modern Tokyo, with no big eyes that can be seen from the moon. Generally realistic with the exceptions of breasts sizes.

Sadako is probably the only one with normal breasts. Sadako FTW.

Voice acting:-
Why Kurono is my favorite character? Not only he is a lusty horny bastard, he is also great on bed, powerful in battles and has great voice acting where it matters most (for example, when screwing a woman)! The production studio can do more though at distinguishing between speaking voices and monologues. There are times where I thought Kurono is speaking when in actuality he is lost in thought. Unfortunately other characters voice acting is not as good as him, maybe because of limited speaking time? Especially the dog and Sadako.

Animation & Direction:-
There are not enough sex scenes. But then again this should be a shounen anime, not hentai. The animation is fluid and action-scene directing is superb.

Arghhhh…. one of the low points of this anime. OP, ED and OST are all crap. Or maybe I just don’t notice them as I wonder whether Kurono will just rape^H^H^H^H managed to have consensual sex with Kishimoto.

With sex scenes, who needs fan service? 7 out of 10.