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Your compulsory bishounen character.

A review of an old series, but still quite good to watch. Read this review of the not-quite-mecha series Genesis Climber Mospeada below.

The future Earth has been taken over by aliens from who-knows-where and humans who are based on other planets such as Mars and Jupiter struggled to retake Earth back. An assault goes wrong saw Stig Bernard lost his fiancee to an alien attack and he found himself stranded on earth. Hunted by the aliens, he assembled a crack team of soldiers and civilians as he aims for the alien’s headquarters.

I watched this anime when I was still kids, and I still think that this anime is pretty good. It has a simple but solid story without any bull-sh*t plot-twists whatsoever. Watching this anime, I yearns for the old-days where shounen mecha anime has a more straightforward storylines unlike the crap like Gundam SEED, and has generic character developments (no outstanding characters). Although if you watch this anime, you have to really ignore the questions such as why the aliens are so bad at aiming while the sadistic good guys really have to insist on carrying handguns that won’t even scratch the aliens unless shot at that alien’s very tiny weak point.

Character Design:-
I guess for its time, the anime has pretty decent designs, and some characters is still quite good even today especially the soldier-cum-singer bishounen character above.

Voice acting:-
Uhmmm…. the voice acting here is mixed bag. Over-exaggeration are pretty common especially from certain characters. But this series is a classic so maybe forgivable?

For 2 straight reviews, both OP and ED themes as well as the OST are great. Plenty of good usage of insert songs here. I wonder if I can see three good anime with perfect music section in a row.

The animation is just average actually (I wonder if this quality of animation are common at that time). The directing is quite decent, with vastly better action choreography than the one in Yamamoto Yohko.

8 out of 10.
A return to the days where mecha anime is still decent. When will those Japanese learns not to create the next Evangelion or Gundam (those cannot be duplicated) and return to the roots of good mecha anime?

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