Gokudo-kun Manyuki (ゴクドーくん漫遊記)

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This is the villain of the series.

One of the series of oldies I watched recently, today review is for Gokudo-kun Manyuki, a not-so-recent comedy/fantasy series from last decade.

Gokudo, your typical sword-wielding adventurer, travels around the world as he seeks fame, wealth and women, and he will do anything to achieve his aim. He accidentally gets himself a magical sword and suddenly he finds out that a king wants him dead for some reason. Alongside unwanted party members that he always wanted to shake off, he went on various adventures as he tried to achieve his dreams.

The story in this show is average at best, and only the antics and character strength of the anti-hero protagonist carried the show forward. Instead of enjoying the storyline, which actually started decent before sliding downwards until the end of the series, you will instead enjoy the comedy and witty dialogues that Gokudo shows. His bad luck with magic, attempts to pimp his female companion to anyone that interested, or sacrificing her to some gods he doesn’t even care off just to achieve what he desires are one of the many things he done to save the sorry excuse that is the show’s storylines.

Our hero do bestiality too!

Character Design:-
Decent I think for its time and genre. No standout characters though.

Voice acting:-
Overall, the voice acting in this series are pretty good, especially the hero.

The OP is good, while the ED themes and the OST does not follow suit.

The animation is good even at fast-paced battle scenes. Battle choreography is great too. The direction is excellent, saving the show’s crappy storyline a lot.

6 out of 10.
Basically, only Gokudo Yucott Kikansky makes the show watchable.

One of the many faces of Gokudo Yucott Kikansky.