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Before reading this review of the anime Gravitation, please answer 2 questions:-

1. Are you gay?
2. Do you like boy bands?

You have to answer YES to both questions to qualify reading this review. If you do not, please quit this review by clicking here. This is mainly because if you don’t fit the description, you will not like this anime and will pre-judge it with zero rating.

This is an anime I watched simply because of the title ‘Gravitation‘. I should have checked the entry at ANN first. At first, I thought I can enjoy some good mecha anime, but instead I have to settle at a story where a male singer of an upcoming boy band ‘gravitates‘ toward a dashing and successful male novelist, sexually and emotionally.

Generally, I don’t dig this yaoi/shounen-ai stuff. As a straight guy, I prefer standard maid/teacher/arranged fiancee hentai OVAs over implied yaoi titles like Gakuen Heaven or Sukisyo. But I stick with this one because it was quite funny. And you know I dig funny anime titles (good ones only).

The story itself is quite thin, basically revolves around how the singer and the novelist’s relationship evolves as the series goes on. The story is quite simple, although applies to yaoi story arc only. The ending is so predictable, it doesn’t really matter to me. I only watched the singer’s hilarious and pointless antics as the thing that keeps me going. Although after 3 consecutive episodes where the singer and novelist kissed each other, I started to consider stopping watching the anime if each episode has those yaoi kissing.

Well, we are spared from the supposed sex scenes. And that’s a good thing. This anime is licensed in U.S.A. but this one will not go to TV in that conservative Western country.

Character design:-
A typical fantasy romance title will always have characters with big eyes. Not really a problem though. Wasn’t as outstanding as Galaxy Angel though. The few women who exists has reasonably-sized breasts muahahaha.

Voice acting:-
It has some famous names doing the voice acting, thus the voice acting quality is excellent. Still not as good as Galaxy Angel. Another plus point for the title.

Like most of the anime reviewed here, it has crappy OST and OP/ED themes. And the songs sung by the bands in here sucks too.

Animation quality is great. Nothing to complain about the direction. But then again, direction quality only shows in anime titles with plots with big impact like Great Teacher Onizuka or Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien.

6 out of 10. That’s about it. Not too bad unlike Jinki:Extend too.