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The perverted main protagonist caught panty-stealing.

I’m on fire now, so just a day after my review of Jigoku Shoujo comes out, there come another review of a short series titled Hani Hani: Operation Sanctuary.

This is a series based on a hentai game that attempted to fuse romance with sci-fi and also those harem elements in a high-school setting. Confused? Me too, hahahaha. 3 people voted this series as Masterpiece in Anime News Network. I hope those people died without children. Good for the DNA pool.

For a H-game based series, this title lacks severely in fan-service department. Even Tonagura has many more panty-shots compared to this series. Plus, as expected, the story is shallow (not that you can expect more from a 13-episode run at 12 minutes each). The execution also fails, with sorry attempts at doing Naruto-esque flashbacks and dreams.

Character Design:-
Not that bad, your standard generic H-game characters. You know, big eyes, flawless skins, hair with colours other than black. Nothing more to be said.

Voice acting:-
Probably the strong point of this anime. But do not really expect this one to be as good as Jigoku Shoujo or Galaxy Angel or even Wolf’s Rain.

If there is any OST, then I failed to notice it. The themes has nothing to be commented about.

The animation is quite good but the directing stinks alongside the storyline.

A short 3 out of 10. There is nothing good really that can be said about this series. To Japan, if you want to do an H-game propaganda anime series, at least do it the way Shuffle! did. Now that would be a very good storyline with an unconventional ending.

The perverted main protagonist offered to help putting the bra on.