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Actually I have finished off watching Jyu Oh Sei before Princess Princess, but only now I want to put this one up mainly because this anime is so bad. So bad, I will not put any screenshots so that there will be no incentive for you to download and watch this anime.

The twin brothers which scientist parents died mysteriously were exiled down onto a forsaken planet that acts up as a high-security prison, presumably for murder of their own parents. One of the twins die immediately after an argument, and the one that left (named Thor) went ahead and become the main protagonist, conquering one of the Rings on the planet and then become the Jyu Oh, or King of the planet.

Don’t be fooled by the synopsis above (which was infinitely better than the one at ANN). The storyline played out better first, especially when Thor is still a snot-nosed child. But when he becomes the adult, the storyline sinks much faster than Titanic. Or any other anime reviewed in this blog to date. There are too many unanswered questions and the ending stinks just like Evangelion.

The main problem that greatly reduced the quality of this anime is the number of the episodes. 11 30-minute episodes simply does not do justice for a story with plenty of potential like this anime has. The construction of the ending is crap and rushed and hits you at the face out from nowhere. In fact, at the end of the last episode, I still expect that a new episode will come out next week with Mao bearing Thor’s child in place of Tiz (joking). Only after reading various news at the Internet did I found out episode 11 is LAST EPISODE. And that explains the huge number of deaths from amongst the main characters in that episode. Frankly, the series can do with an extra episode to tie up the loose end in the storyline.

Character Design:-
Oh well, you can’t really complain about the decent character design for the characters in this anime.

Voice acting:-
The switch from child Thor to adult Thor are not smooth in terms of voice acting. Just 3 years in gap and his voice changed a lot, as if the voices does not belong to the same person. Great job though for differentiating between the voices of Thor and his twin Rai. Same seiyuu but two characters. Other characters’ voice acting are decent too.

The OST is excellent, but sadly, the OP/ED themes are not. Quite a rare anime to have an appraisal like this.

The animation is excellent with little (if at all) dropped framerate and luscious Coors. And the director does not manage to f**k-up the directing either, despite the unfulfilled story’s potential.

6 out of 10. That’s the best I can give considering the storyline here.