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One of the action scenes at the start of the OAV.

Ok, I lied. Apparently Karas is only 6 episodes long, so I finished watching it in 3 hours or so. So the should be the last review of this year. Maybe…

A Power Ranger Karas of the city of Shinjuku in Tokyo has to deal with an ex-Karas who wants to destroy the world city (the villain will feel at home in ACROSS). And that’s about it for the 6 episode OAV.  What is Karas? Well, I do not want to spoil you.

The story is average, but has a good ending. With low number of episodes, character developments are restricted to the protagonist only. The only good thing about this anime is that it has pretty and elaborate action scenes. And that’s it for this series.

Character Design:-
The style of the character developments for humans and youkai is similar to what you can see in big-budget animation movies such as Spirited Away and Metropolis. You will either like it or not, for me it is decent. The Karas design meanwhile comes straight from a typical tokusatsu series, and I will not be surprised with a few ‘Henshin’ here or there. I should reiterate that that is not a bad thing.

The protagonist facing one of the monsters.

Voice acting:-
The voice acting in this anime is decent, with no one being really outstanding. That’s it, mainly because low episode count did not allow anyone to shine.

The OST is good, but not so for the themes.

The positive point of this series. This anime has one of the best animation qualities I have ever seen in an anime series. It is up there with Hayao Miyazaki or Osamu Tezuka gigs. Everything is fluid and smooth in all kind of scenarios, and if I were to nitpick, my only complaint will be the integration between 2D and 3D scenes. The directing is excellent, at least on keeping those action scenes joyful to watch.

7 out of 10.
That’s it. Will there be a second season?

The final boss should consider reading this list.