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Definitely not an Anime of The Year 2007 winner!

For todays’ review, I returned to another 2007 anime, Umisho. Now it is already December, can any anime break the stranglehold that Nodame Cantabile has on the provisional Anime of The Year 2007 award? Umisho certainly did not, read on to see why.

Boob staring are common in this series. I can really relate to this hehehehehe.

Okiura Kaname is the manager of a high-school swimming team, even if he does not know how to swim himself. He watched over the team as a couple of new students joined and the team becomes successful in tournaments.

The anime is supposed to be a sports anime, but more often than not it turns out to more like a harem romantic comedy anime. There is plenty of appropriately applied fan-service here, but unfortunately the story stinks badly. The only things that kept the anime going are the aforementioned fan-service and also the character’s strength of some of the characters here, especially for the main male protagonist.

There are signs of the producer trying to do some character developments but it is simply not enough. I think this series can do with a longer run, like 26 episodes or so. I wonder whether a second season will come or maybe this anime is just a teaser for the viewers to buy the manga version (as if I can).

When I first saw her, I think that X on her head is just a sloppy reason of a ribbon….

Character Design:-
Probably one of the better aspect of this series, because it was done very well, especially the female characters. Yeah, the well-endowed female characters. No black hair though, and is it just me, or is that brown has become the new black?

….but it turns out to be a f*ck*ng adhesive tape! There goes a point from the scoring!

Voice acting:-
For this one, I think it is just a hit-and-miss. The male protagonist has decent (and not great) voice but the green-haired girl has a voice that will make me kill another person. These apply to most of the characters here.

Plenty of pants coming down from the captain of the swimming team.

Sorry, but there is nothing I can say about the music in this anime. This will surely drags the scoring down.

Now where did I have seen this before?

Following the trend of other 2007 anime, the animation here is very well done, even in fast-paced scenes. Congratulations, a good positive aspect. It is just that the directing cannot keep up with the animation quality.

Initial D. Mimicked but not emulated. Truly a legendary anime!

6 out of 10. If there is a second season, I hope it can be better. Cos’ I will be downloading them. Despite of the low scoring.

This honest character is probably the most interesting character in this series. He has not enough air time though.