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A man in love. His story arc is the best in this anime.

This is a review of an anime that is similar to Myself, Yourself but much superior, titled kimikiss pure rouge. This is a 2007 anime and also belongs to the romance genre, which means it will compete with Nodame Cantabile for 2007 award and also judged with a higher standard compared to titles in other genres.

In the search for true love, best friends like the one above is always the one been neglected in the favor of a new shiny boyfriend/girlfriend.

Three childhood friends were reunited after 2 years when one of them returned from overseas. Each of them has to deal with their own separate romantic stories, which will eventually merge themselves into the whole main story.

The story takes quite some time to develop, but when it does the story is actually very good and well worth the wait. The story is also augmented by the great presentation that allows the plot to flow freely. Character developments are excellent for almost everyone, and surely one of the best from all the anime I have reviewed recently. These three factors contributed to each other towards the essence of a very good anime.

Although the character development in this anime is as good as it can be, it is very surprising indeed that this anime do not have a strong character the way Chocotto Sister (Choco) or Nodame Cantabile (Noda Megumi) has. Meanwhile the only complaint I have is the ending which could have been presented better. For God-sake, you don’t dump your girlfriend in the last 10 minutes in the last episode; this will make it hard for the dumper to get his one true love in a believable/natural way, in the term of limited airtime.

A woman in love. Her story arc is the least interesting in this anime.

Character Design:-
Overall, the character design in this anime is good, with the genius girl being outstanding. Also an anime where brown is the new black. Except for the genius girl which has black hair. And that’s why she stands out in this typical Japanese high school setting.

Voice acting:-
A positive point of this anime, voice acting in this anime is excellent, although there is no one that really stands out.

The OST is decent and the 2nd ED theme is excellent. The OP and 1st ED theme are not.

Awful acting from two awful actors.

The animation in this 2007 anime is just as good as most of the other 2007 anime I have reviewed recently. They are fluid, even in the little fast-paced scenes this anime has. No comment about choreography because this is a romantic slice-of-life anime.

Meanwhile, the directing is excellent, and definitely one of the positive points of this anime. Many of my writing in the story section apply here, especially the presentation part. One of the better directing gig I have seen recently.

8 out of 10
. Pretty decent for a romance anime that is not overbearing unlike that culprit Myself, Yourself. Remember, the handicap is applied here. Nodame Cantabile is still the holder of Best Anime of 2007 though.

If the ending can be visualized, it may looks like this.