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Monsters that will feature in this anime.

Today is a complete review of the creepiest anime I have watched to date, Midori no Hibi. I’ve double-checked and it really has only 13 episodes, thus I didn’t f*cked up the way I did with D.Gray-man.

Our protagonist Seiji Sawamura is your typical high-school delinquent who are desperate for a girlfriend in his last year in high-school. One fine morning, he wakes up to find a miniature girl stitched up on his right-hand. Getting rid of her is the theme of this anime.

This is your typical romantic comedy title (which I spared from my usually higher standard for romance titles) if you can stomach the concept of having a miniature female human as a right-hand. The story is simple but supported by good presentation. Character development outside of the two main protagonists is limited though, mainly because of the limited airtime.

I think this series would do better if it has more episodes. This series has so much potential for more substance for the story that can be expanded with more airtime. In fact, I have decided to read the manga to see whether this series is better on that format or not.

update (23 Jan.2008) – Just finished the manga, and it seems that the anime is just a watered-down version of the manga. Credit to the author though because he knows when to stop the series, ending it just when the story is about to become stale. Inuyasha can take a lesson from this.

A victim trying to run away in vain.

Character Design:-
They are done very well, but I have a complaint about how some female characters are so similar, they put me off my guard for a second. Example is Takako Ayase and a friend of the female protagonist that she meets in the dream episode. They are so similar I thought they are the same person.

Voice acting:-
Overall, the voice acting here are decent, but no one stands out from the rest.

One of the corpses….

The OST and ED theme are excellent. The OP theme is not. Enough said.

The animation quality is excellent, even in the little fast-aced scenes where the male protagonist is fighting other delinquents. Choreography is average though. The directing is good enough to make the simple story charming with little cliché that saddles similar titles in the same genre.

8 out of 10.
Well, that’s all about it. There’s probably no more review for this week I think.

This is truly hell on earth.