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What I will do if I were the protagonist.

The review of Nagasarete Airantou is now here, and it should be the last 2007 anime that will challenge Nodame Cantabile as the best anime for this year. Well, enjoy whatever lack of content this review has, and I will take this opportunity to say ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Happy New Year’ to everyone.

Lotsa nosebleed here. This one looks much better than the vast majority.

Some lucky bastard fell off a ship and he drifted to heaven an island filled with beautiful women with no other competitors in sight. Instead of having his way with all those gorgeous women who wants to get into his pants, he chose instead to live with only one of them, spurning plenty of opportunities that I will grab if I were in the protagonist’s shoes.

If you think the storyline in Ai Yori Aoshi is thin, this anime basically has none. Except for the couple of episode both at the start and the end of the series, this anime has nothing that people usually called ‘storyline and plots’. Each episode shows the main protagonist and the rest fooling around doing things like taking a bath at hot-springs or investigating a crime. At best, the only thing these episodes do is to do character development. And I personally think that can be done in half the time actually.

The ending is so typical and a cliché of the genre, and not even worth mentioning here.

This anime doesn’t even have fan-service like Umisho does. Thinking about that, Umisho’s protagonist would have made a better protagonist here than the original one.

The best character in the series.

Character Design:-
A positive point of the anime, character designs for the female characters are good. Outstanding are those two shrine maidens, the lately-introduced Chinese female drifter and the lesbian ninja.

Voice acting:-
Mixed bag. I like the voices of Ayane and also Mikoto (she need a lot more airtime). The two main protagonist voices are average (yeah, Yui Horie did not do well here) while the others echoes the sentiment of my general judgment for the voice acting for this series.

The one at the left is also good, but not many screen time unfortunately.

The music in this series stinks in general. Nothing to be said here.

The animation is decent as all the 2007 anime I have watched also did. Fast-paced scenes are fluid, but choreography for them especially for action/fighting scenes is not that good. Directing is decent, but nothing to write home about.

6 out of 10.
Basically just like Ai Yori Aoshi, but a little bit worse. Still looking for a harem anime with substance here. Oh, BTW, Nodame Cantabile is still Anime Of The Year 2007.

12 years of sex-depravation makes you do crazy things.