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The main female protagonist and also the best character in this anime.

This blog’s ‘Anime of the Year 2011’ audition now reached the halfway point with this review of the mouthful Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!! (I wished the title could have been simpler, like ‘Naruto’). I have a specific reason why I choose to watch this title, and it will be discussed more in the blog post below.

The main female protagonist has the hots for her perverted porn-freak older brother, and will do anything to push him over the forbidden edge and make him rape her. But various obstacles appeared as a hindrance to her ultimate goal, in various forms such as a childhood friend, her brother class president, her brother clique members and ultimately, the social stigma in conservative Japan. Ok, I lied about the latter.

This anime has very many uncanny similarities to another anime series that is part of ‘Anime of the Year 2010’ audition last year, B gata H kei. So let see what this anime copied from the latter:-

  1. A strong main female protagonist: One of the positive aspect this anime has is definitely the dialogue-heavy main female protagonist. In fact, it was her mannerisms that caused me to connect the dots between this anime and B gata H Kei. The similarities between these two anime’s main female protagonists are numerous, especially the perverseness, tendency to talk (and monologue) a lot, and the humor. The main female protagonist of this anime has some sadistic streaks too. Still, I think the main female protagonist for B gata H kei is a little bit better character than her counterpart in this anime.
  2. The censorship system: This anime use exactly the same method of censorship in B gata H kei, although with different motifs. This by itself isn’t a bad thing, but my beef is the censorship in this anime is way over the top for my taste. It wasn’t at Kodomo no Jikan TV level, but close. At least the censorship in B gata H kei TV (Blu-ray version isn’t that different – dammit Japan) are meant to stop making that series turning into 3-star soft-core hentai. In  this anime, censorships were applied far more indiscriminately; many innocent panty-shots and cleavage close-shots are blocked just like that. B gata H kei TV version would have had left those scene slipped untouched.
  3. Uneven character developments: Character development in this anime is also largely uneven just like it is in B gata H kei. The best character in this anime is the main female protagonist, and I will left my view about her opposite number below. Her two main rivals have far less character developments though, and I think I can say the same too for all of the secondary characters.

The censorship method seen in B gata H kei is used in this anime. I’m pretty damn sure she has panties on in this scene, which means it shouldn’t be censored. Unless,somehow, this anime was aired in the evening. And for God’s sake, who aired this kind of anime before 12am?

So, what are things this anime doesn’t copy from B gata H kei?

  1. Overly weak storyline: The storyline in this anime is definitely better than what you can see in B gata H kei. It isn’t a masterpiece, but is simply comparatively better. Nothing actually happens apart from the shenanigans of the main male protagonist and his mixed-sex ‘harem’. And the beach episode in this series is completely inferior to what you can see in the current front-runner for the ‘Anime of the Year 2011’ title Highschool of the Dead OVA – Drifters of the Dead. If only the main male protagonist imitates what his counterpart in that OVA does, to any of the three main girls in this anime, this anime will easily score at least 2 extra points for its final evaluation. Or, should I make it 3 extra points?

    Surprisingly, this anime also made some references to other anime titles, especially during the Akihabara episode. The aforementioned Kodomo no Jikan is one of them (thank God this anime doesn’t copy that series TV version retarded censorship scheme). The pacing of the storyline is slow for my liking, but I think this anime has some timeline management problems in it. Assuming that the main male protagonist doesn’t have to take summer supplementary classes, why is then his school is in session in the events within episode 10 and 11? I assume that the Comiket event at the end of the episode 11 is the summer version in August? Which means that it should happen during the main male protagonist summer holiday? Even if the main male protagonist flunked his exams and has to take extra classes, does that applies to his A.G.E. cohorts, his sister (who never occurred to me to be dumb) or his childhood friend and also the class representative (definitely not dumb even if her tastes is questionable).

    The ending is simply ordinary, just like the whole storyline is. Nothing significant has happened as usual, just like it is in other similar anime/manga titles. And with nothing happening (no sister raping has been commenced), a second season should be in the cards, and I do think this anime deserved one. Barely.

  2. Overly weak main male protagonist: While the main male protagonist in B gata H kei is a disgrace for all male high-schoolers, the main male protagonist in this anime is a definite improvement. The improvement isn’t much, but is noticeable. He is better than his counterparts in Dragon Crisis! and probably is on the same level as the main protagonist of Infinite Stratos. He is still spineless, but then again that is necessary so that the storyline can be dragged on (for another season?). At least he doesn't really drag the main female protagonist down. Well, maybe just a little. The final episode shows off the worst aspects of his character though, and is the main reason why the ending looks ordinary as it is.

She should take a long hard look at the mirror before accusing someone else as a pervert. She is even creepier than her older brother is. A proper raping is the least deserved punishment that befits her.

Character Design:-
When I started to watch the first episode of this anime, it dawns to me that the designs in this anime is your old-school shoujo-style commonly seen in the likes of Perfect Girl Evolution and Hana Yori Dango. It took me quite a few episodes to get used to it after seeing shounen-style designs in previous titles in this audition. And this is very helpful in certain scenes in parts of the series. Black hairs are rare with only one significant character having it. A positive aspect for this anime.

Voice Acting:-
Voice acting in this anime is actually very good, and this is extremely important considering the amount of dialogues. Both main protagonists, the other two girls plus the captain of the A.G.E. group has done exceptional jobs here. Definitely a positive aspect for this anime.

Unfortunately, this anime totally failed in this section. The OST and OP/ED themes are all below average.

But throughout the series, the main male protagonist is drifting away from the three girls into the arms of someone unexpected…

The main reason why I choose to watch this anime at this stage is because I want to prevent me watching three consecutive titles having the ‘blurry animation technique’ application within them. The result: I failed. Even this comedy title with no action scenes whatsoever used the said animation technique. There are not many scenes that has them, but they are there. One point docked from the final evaluation of this anime.

Even B gata H kei doesn’t use it.

Apart from that, the animation quality in this anime is good even in the little fast-paced scenes it has. Choreography is non existent, which is understandable (this is not Naruto). The director isn’t helped by the excessive censoring which negates any good camera works this anime may have, plus that timeline problem mentioned above is really glaring.

6 out of 10. Would have eclipsed B gata H kei score if not for the blurry animation technique usage. Man, which one of the remaining five titles that doesn’t have it?

…and eventually the series will conclude with the ‘true ending’.

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