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The main female protagonist.

It takes me a bit more than a month to read Ookiku Furikabutte manga (actually very good) before deciding to watch Paradise Kiss first over Clannad After Story. Paradise Kiss is yet another of those anime that was screened on Animax Asia but I do not watch (even if my house has a subscription), and that’s the main reason why I went around and watched it. A 2005 title, it will not compete for any of those ‘Anime of the Year’ titles (not that it will win any) and also this anime will be judged with the rating-damaging romance genre standard. I have an announcement to make here, but you should read this review first before reading it at the end of this post.

Ass shoving: Just one of the shocking things that the 4 members of this knitting club does.

The depressed main female protagonist was offered to become a model by a mysterious fashion house high school knitting club for an upcoming fashion show. That club contains members that engaged in some shocking behaviors that almost always put the main female protagonist off. Being a complete n00b when it comes to all things modeling, she has to learn from scratch while dealing with her high-school love life.

This anime has a decent storyline, although this may not be apparent for the first few episodes. It only get more interesting when the emo protagonist runs away from home not too long before the show. With very good pacing and story developments, this anime springs up another pleasant surprise by having an unpredictable ending. The execution is not flawless, but at least the ending is somewhat original. All in all, I think the overall story is not too suitable for a supposedly romance title, but that is not a negative point against the anime.

The main female protagonist reminds me a lot of the emo main female protagonist in La Corda d’Oro primo passo, except that the latter doesn’t have the hot temper the former has. Most of the time, this issue can sink any given anime title to oblivion (La Corda and Myself Yourself comes to mind), but in this case, the strong character of the main male protagonist and, to a lesser extent, the story too, saved this anime from suffering the same fate as the two aforementioned anime titles. The main male protagonist is surely the best character in this anime by a distance.

The main female protagonist's younger brother.

Character Design:-
The over-the-top character designs in this anime are awesome, with the exception of the main female protagonist. I can actually forgive the lack of black hairs in this anime’s Japan. Just like the over-the-top character designs, the fashion designs in this anime are also out-of-this-world, probably only can be seen inside real fashion schools drawn by hopeful fashion designers of the future. Definitely a positive point for this anime.

Her younger brother is an awesome character in this anime, so here is another screenshot of him.

Voice Acting:-
Voice acting gigs in this anime are largely excellent, except for the main male protagonist who are too ordinary. The outstanding characters in this regard is the pink-haired girl, her eerily similar older sister and the she-guy patterner. Even the main female protagonist has done well here. Definitely a positive point for this anime.

The OST is non-existent, but the OP and ED themes are excellent. Another positive point for this anime.

The word 'big' refers to what? Make your own assumptions, or better, watch this quite good anime yourself. The answer will surprise you!

The animation in this anime is good, even in fast-paced scenes. No choreography comment in this non-action anime. The directing is just competent enough but exactly inspiring.

6 out of 10.
Announcement: I will not watch Clannad After Story for my next review, because some higher priority titles just found themselves inside my anime queue.

Quoted for truth, in the context of this cruel world.