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The maid looking at something she could never wear.

Today is a review of another game-based anime with overloads of fan-service that is Popotan. Actually do not really expect much from this one.

3 sisters alongside their devious maid travels though time aimlessly as they search for ‘The One”, briefly meeting with plenty of people before leaving for the future. They hits some snags as they meets ‘The One’ before eventually moving on at the end.

This is the kind of anime that relies on character strengths instead of a good storyline to carry it forward. The story is pretty decent but lacking in substance, takes little bit too long to take shape just like Jigoku Shoujo did. As I watched the anime, I mostly looked forward to what the characters will do in any given episode, especially Mii and Mea the maid than enjoying the story. In fact, this is what made the series watchable in the first place.

Oh, about the fan-service, there are plenty of them. IMO, this is not exactly a good thing but YMMV.

Character Design:-
Average, except maybe the maid. Even some of the minor characters has better design. And yeah, no black hair here for this game-based anime.

A minor character with better design than the major characters.

Voice acting:-
Just like character design, there is nothing to rave here. The voices did match the characters perfectly though. Especially the maid.

Definitely the good point of this anime. The OP theme is decent, the OST is outstanding and the super sweet and catchy ED theme is something else. Definitely one of the best ED themes I have ever heard, easily rivaling the likes of Horoscope Rhapsody etc.

The animation is good although did slack off in some scenes near the end of the series. The directing is superb, managed to portray the characters in a positive light in the absence of any sensible story, helped by the great OST.

7 out of 10.
Good musical gives plenty of points to offset the crappy story.

That minor character wearing the maid’s costume. Looks even better than the owner of the suit.