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Anyone expecting more screenshots like EDEN’s Bowy in this review of Pretear will be disappointed, as there will be only 2!! Muahahahaha.

A shoujo anime with magic in the mould of Sailormoon, a girl in an immensely rich family suddenly finds out that she has to become a Pretear to save the world from someone called Princess of Disaster. Unlike Sailormoon though, she is surrounded instead by handsome men and pretty boys who served as her knights and also her trainers as she learns to use her powers before the final battle with Princess. That’s child soldiers for you. Basically you won’t really find anything new in this title.

Unoriginal story, predictable plots, unexplained and unexpected power-ups and a cliche happy ending and no one dies. Not exactly my cup of tea.

Character design:-
Average and not really outstanding.

Voice acting:-
Average and not really outstanding. For everyone.

Average and not really outstanding. Applies to OP/ED themes and OST.

Animation is great in quality. But direction is average and not really outstanding. I want to complain about the overused shaking eyes thingy (the one used in dramatic scenes) but then again I realized that this is just your typical shoujo anime.

At the end of probably the shortest review here is the award of the 5 out of 10 rating for this anime.