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The title image of the anime, has nothing better to do screenshots with.

This is my review of another anime shown in Japan in this year, titled Rocket Girls after Nodame Cantabile. Similar to Stratos 4, read on if this series has the guts to kick Nodame off its perch.

A typical high-school girl went to the Solomon Islands to find her long-lost father but she was recruited as an astronaut instead. She trains as she searched for her father (found relatively quickly) and she was joined by a couple of young girls who also becomes astronauts. She eventually does a couple of (impossible) gigs, one heroically.

The story is similar in certain aspects with Stratos 4, only more realistic and watered down. Not much action but more emphasis on human virtues such hard work, friendships, family values and things like that. The story itself is decent but not as good as Stratos 4. Still, lack of romance and airtime wasted on fillers are great.

Character Design:-
Pretty decent I think. Nothing too spectacular here.

Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands. The only place where you can have full-bar signal on your mobile in the middle of nowhere.

Voice acting:-
Just average for almost all of the characters, although the voice of Matsuri is quite good.

The OP theme and also the OST is good, but not the ED or the insert songs.

The animation is superb, probably the strongest point of this anime. The direction could do without some glaring errors, such as the cockpit bridge that was still in place even in mere 3 seconds before launch.

6 out of 10.
Nodame Cantabile still sit comfortably on the throne.

How to eat potato chips Japanese way.