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The main male protagonist who have access to many pervy superpowers, and is one of the best characters in the series.

After about 6-month break from watching a single episode of Japanese animation titles, I grabbed a random title from my 2TB+ queue storage, in the form of the two seasons of Sora no Otoshimono series, for my first blog post in 2012. For clarification, I only watched the TV series, mainly because I missed the existence of the OVA between the two seasons and I don’t feel like watching the movie for now, for some reasons that I will explain below. The first season is a 2009 title, while the second season comes out a year later, which means Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Katanagatari will have some busty competitions at last…

And this is one of his super powers in action.

Our main male protagonist that has contrasting personalities (like quiet and peace yet is a pervert of the highest order) hit the jackpot when a beautiful big-breasted angeloid literally fell from the sky onto his lap. He then made a contract with her (yay to originality) and aided with her ability to do anything he wants (world destruction included), his pervy rule of terror on his hometown has just started…

Let start with this series’ most obvious flaw first. My first major complaint I have here is about the awful presentation of the series’ storyline. Specifically, in this anime you will find out that the flow of the storyline isn’t really smooth, and contributes as the primary reason why the pacing of the storyline is way too slow for my liking. What really happened here is that right after the main male protagonist made his contract, this anime repeats what the likes of  PowerPuff Girls Z and Koukaku no Regios has done: this anime try very hard not to advance its storyline at all.

For reference, the first season has 13 episodes, while the second one has 12. The actual plot actually only appears at around episode 8, about 5 episode from the end. I probably would not have been pissed if the writer or director spent the next five episodes concentrating solely on the main plot but no, that’s not what has been done here. Instead of having the story being moved forward as the ending (of season 1) looms, I instead have to settle with rage-inducing episodes like the gender-bender episode 11. This trend continues in season 2 too, especially with the two appearances of that guy that totes toy guns around in summer festivals. When he appears, I know that the said episode is going to be crap. The same thing can also be said for the final episode (the anime has already ended before that), which mirrors what you can see in Kore wa Zombie desu ka?.

So what this anime is doing in the first 7 episodes of the first season? At best, those episodes only deals with character introductions and developments, with a couple of them being not too far behind of episode 11 in terms of lameness. Personally I think with the low amount of characters in this anime, their character developments should have been more integrated into the storyline. Just like Monochrome Factor, this series would have fared much better if all the useless episodes are removed, the pacing of the storyline is increased a few notch, introduce the blue-haired loli angeloid at episode 3, end first season’s material at episode 6, introduce the blond angeloid in episode 7 and then end the whole series at episode 12 or 13. The scenario I described is very possible, that’s how bad the messy flow of the storyline is.

She is more integral to the storyline than the main female protagonist…

The bad presentation really held back this series’ storyline, which is one of the two positives that this series has. If you can just ignore the presentation aspect of this anime, the storyline is actually above average in quality, and one of the better ‘make a contract’ titles out there. The only drawback I have seen in the story is that the main female protagonist doesn’t really play a major part in the core storyline, with the loli angeloid having more role on the story than her and the other angeloid. This anime would have scored at least 2 points higher if the presentation can be somewhat decent.

Another positive aspect in this anime is the character strength of the main male protagonist. While the ‘make a contract’ premise of the storyline is just a cliché-laden plot that has been used in countless anime titles in the past, the perverseness of the main male protagonist is truly something original. Almost all of the time, all of his perverse plans actually succeeded, and there are couple of occasions where he actually gets away with it. The one early in the series really shows how it was done; he asked the main female protagonist to make him invisible, then he goes to his childhood friend’s house to sexually assault her (no rape though) as a revenge for her constant violent treatment of him. And he gets away from it. Similarly perverse main male protagonists from other anime titles such as Inukami and Urusei Yatsura never have even a quarter of the luck his counterpart in this anime has.

Surprisingly, the fan-service in the Blu-ray version of the series is not really something to crow about, they are mostly average.

But not surprisingly, the main male protagonist is one of the two best characters in this series, alongside the loli angeloid who has more impact on the storyline than even him. Sometimes, less is more, because after all you do not have to put up with an overbearing moralizing main protagonist unlike a certain main protagonist from a certain anime series that isn’t named after him. The ending naturally doesn’t end the series, and I wonder if the movie will do exactly that. There will be a third season for this series too, so I will watch it anyway some time in the future…

…or the other mostly peripheral angeloid.

Character Design:-
Character designs in this series is decent, although typical for the genre. Black hair is rare, as only the main male protagonist has it. Therefore, not only you will see multiple non-black hair colors, impossible body shapes also rules the day especially for the angeloids that isn’t underage. That guy with white hair is almost out of place in the series…

Voice Acting:-
In general, voice acting in this anime is just about decent, and not more than that. There are no outstanding performers amongst the voice actors at all. At least, there are no bad ones either though.

If there is any soundtracks in this series, then I really doesn’t notice it at all. This series has a unique ED theme for each episode, with significant influences from the 70s and 80s era in Japan, but only 2 of them are good; the first season’s 2nd episode ED theme (that has flying panties in the sequence) and the second season’s 5th episode ED theme. As for the OP themes, they are all forgettable.

The animation quality in this series is good, even in fast-paced scenes. Choreography of action scenes is actually quite decent too. As mentioned above, the director really messed up the flow (and by extension, the pacing too) of the storyline which is detrimental to the series as a whole.

7 out of 10. It could have been so much better. The incumbents of the 2009 and 2010 Anime of the Years holders can rest easy now.

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