Soreyuke! Uchuusenkan Yamamoto Yoko (それゆけ!宇宙戦艦 ヤマモト・ヨーコ)

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This forehead featured prominently in this series.

This is my first review using Windows Live Writer beta 2. Now with spell-checking too, so should be less mistakes from now on.  

A high-school girl travelled 1000 years to the future to become a child soldier fighting in a bloodless universal war. She then irresponsibly recruited 3 other high-school girls to fight alongside her in the completely needless war. Then a third party appeared (led by a carbon copy of the protagonist) and the warring factions unite to face the new threat. And that’s about it.

IMHO the story is ordinary and not that good anyway. Next, the series suffers from pacing problems, where the story flows too slow at the middle portion of the story then becomes too fast when nearing the end of the run. And there’s episode 22, which I simply called a ‘WTF! What happened?’ episode, which is the highlight of the series main problem; not being able to switch between plots seamlessly. The way the main villain revealed himself (or is it a her??) to the heroines leave me speechless on how badly it was executed.

Plot twists in this series also leaves me with bad taste in my mouth.

Quoted For Truth
Quoted For Truth!

Character Design:-
The character design in this series are pretty decent. Not earth-shattering like Enma Ai is, but not that bad. When it comes to spaceship design, they resembles those designs made in those 70-80s anime series. That could be good or bad, depending on your preferences.

Voice acting:-
You can see the best and the worst kind of voice acting here. The bad one is the the voice of the main heroine which did not really suit what she is doing. There are times when she piloted her machine in a mission where I think she could do with a better voice actress that are used to action scenes. At the other end of the spectrum, Megumi Hayashibara is simply awesome. In fact, I personally think this is HER BEST gig ever, even better than Slayers or Ranma 1/2 or many of her recent works. Others are mostly decent at best.

The bumbling spacepilot Mido Madoka (Megumi Hayashibara). probably the only reason I watched this anime to the end.

The OP theme is good, but not so for the ED theme and the OST.

The animation is good (although not helped by Arienai f**k-up in the encoding process). Unfortunately directing as a whole stinks, causing what I have mentioned in the story section above. Plus the action scenes could do with a vastly better choreographer, so that I don’t have to settle with that mess of hard-to-understand space battles, especially in team missions.

5 out of 10. Even with Megumi Hayashibara best gig I have heard, she still cannot save this series from sinking into oblivion.

God did not listen to you. Sorry.