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The heroine of the series.

Finished watching Tonagura quite some time ago but only now I have time to put some kind of review here.

This is basically your common romantic-comedy staple where a boy and a girl reunited after spending 10 years apart from each other. During the entire run of the series, their relationship faces a lot of ups and downs with a typical happy ending in the last episode. And that’s about it.

The story is quite simple, but the execution was very well done. This anime mainly depends on good presentation instead of a strong storyline. This is one of those series that have high replay value. Watching this series over and over again never bore me in the slightest.

If there are any weakness of this series that I can comment on, maybe it will be the fact that the storyline is not exactly a masterpiece that will talked about long in the future.

Character design:-
Compared to the manga, the character design in the anime is so much better, especially for the main protagonist. After reading the manga after watching the anime, I just realized how bland the character design in the manga version are. This is truly a rarity, because most of the time anime reproductions of any given manga series are usually very similar when it comes to character design.

Voice acting:-
Not exactly outstanding, the voice acting here generally is average.

Good ED theme, but disappointing OP and OST.

The animation is generally good, but lacking in quality when it comes to some fast-paced scenes. But there are not many of these in this romantic-comedy series anyway, so not exactly a problem. Meanwhile, the direction is superb, bringing the best it can from a simple story this series have. Although the director could do something about the over-exaggeration of some of the dialogues.

8 out of 10. 2 points docked for average voice acting and not-so-stellar music.