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  1. Hey I got a small problem that’s Been frustrating me for forever. The way I play my files Is with playlists. When not using your program I’m always able to send a playlist from explorer and have it arrive in the same order it was in. For some reason the zuikaku renaming seems to break this. The playlist will arrive but the order is always scrambled. I’ve looked into it and it might be because on Windows 10, the playlist is set to use a default program and it detects zuikaku as potplayer, so windows 10 is looking for that exe.
    I’ve tried renaming it, using a hard symlink, even installing pot player again to the x64 folder and then renaming it back to zuikaku. Any ideas?

    • Playlist settings in potplayer are as follows. Checks on the following: Arrange sorting by location, detect durations, start instantly to play, insert dragged files, open ext dollar as temp, sort dropped files before adding. I’ve always been able to make the playlist work the way I want it with these settings before

      • Did you build your playlist with PotPlayer? I have just tested building a custom playlist, then saved it to hard disk and the exit PotPlayer. Then I double-click that saved playlist and PotPlayer started, then opened the playlist with the order intact.
        Then again in the playlist section I only has ‘Remember default playlist/recent URLs’, ‘Open ext DPL files as a temp album’ and ‘Do not add duplicate files’ options enabled.

        Maybe try disabling ‘Arrange sorting by locayion’ option?

  2. If I were to buy a new motherboard to go along with the high end GPU for my HTPC, which MicroATX case would you recommend instead of ASRock X370 TAICHI Socket AM4/AMD X370/DDR4/Quad CrossFireX & SLI/SATA3&USB3.1/M.2/Wi-Fi/A&GbE/ATX Motherboard

        • Oh, actually you can choose any mATX motherboard you prefer instead of the one I recommended. Only the AMD CPU should be equivalent to an AMD Ryzen 5 1600X or higher.

          • how about GPU that ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 Ti AMP Edition is about $500 more than a Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080. and almost no one will ship them to me in Japan (where they are significantly more expensive…) Worth the price difference?

            • If you can get a RTX 2080 at USD500 cheaper than the Zotac GTX 1080 Ti, then go for it. The RTX is slower than 1080 Ti, but not USD500 slower.

  3. I’m trying to ditch the sub additions and use PotPlayer’s smple sub renderer. I’ve unchecked directvobsub, Afilter mod and xysubfilter in Settings>Filter Control>Filter Priority (preset specific). However now Show/Hide Subtitles in PP isn’t working; they’re either always on, or always off.

    Any suggestions?

          • Instead of madvr? What happened to the functionality of PotPlayer’s internal sub renderer? It seemed fine to me, but now it’s broken; on/off no longer works

            • Just tested with the latest version of the installer, toggling the internal subtitle renderer via ALT – H works fine here. If you manually switched the subtitle engine, ensure that in the ‘Subtitles’ section, the ‘Output’ pulldown menu is set to ‘Display on Video (TV-Out)’.

  4. The current Lav Filter 64 bit version (19 Feb 2019) – I get installation corruption.

    Trying to install PotPlayer and I get “ATextOut64.dll – source file is corrupt” amongst other corrupted .DLLs

    Can you look into this?

  5. Some of my UHD files wont let me move the playback bar to a different time in the movie without freezing and shutting down. I have to watch start to finish. If I close player it does not remember playback position nor let me manually advance the playback to where I left off. Thoughts?

      • [color=#3774F6][b]GENERAL INFO[/b][/color]
        SOURCE : UHD Blu-ray Disc BeyondHD
        FORMAT : MKV (Matroska)
        SIZE : 48.5 GiB
        DURATION : 02:09:34 (h:m:s)
        CHAPTERS : Numbered (01-24)
        IMDB : https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4218572/

        CODEC : HEVC
        TYPE : 2160p (Progressive)
        FRAME RATE : 23.976 fps
        FORMAT PROFILE LEVEL : Main 10@L5.1@High
        BITRATE : 47.8 Mbps
        WIDTH x HEIGHT : 3840 x 2160 pixels
        COLOR PRIMARIES : BT.2020

        [color=#3774F6][b]AUDIO (1)[/b][/color]
        CODEC : TrueHD Atmos
        LANGUAGE : English
        CHANNEL(S) : 7.1
        BITRATE : 4218 kbps
        SAMPLING RATE : 48 KHz
        BIT DEPTH : 24 bits

        [color=#3774F6][b]AUDIO (2)[/b][/color]
        CODEC : AC-3
        LANGUAGE : English
        CHANNEL(S) : 5.1
        BITRATE : 640 kbps
        SAMPLING RATE : 48 KHz
        OTHER INFO : AC3 Embedded

  6. Hello ranpha, sorry to bother you again, but I cannot figure this out on my own. I use LAV Megamix along with SVP4. Now, in order to do that I needed the ffdshow raw filter but it is also possible to have SVP4 work natively via avisynth or vapoursynth (I cannot make VS to work at all, but this is another matter).

    My problem is that in order to have SVP4 work natively with avisynth I also need have the “Built-in Video Transform Filter Settings” to “Always Use”, which results in XySubFilter to not load/work at all – and I do not know what else might not be working.

    Any suggestions on how to fix this situation or any alternatives in general for my whole SVP4 situation?

    Thank you.

    • For madVR, it is currently in the midst of iterating the HDR processing feature. As for LAV Filters, not so sure, but at least the video decoding filter works without any major problems.

  7. Thanks as always for keeping the megapack updates. I really appreciate it. Just a suggestion for the next iteration… I was playing 720p video and it was playing with “60p” scaling algorithm. I reordered the auto select rules so that it’ll use the correct 720p rules. I think this is the right part, not 100% sure what I did:

    if (srcHeight >= 1081) “2160p”
    else if (srcHeight <= 500) “SD”
    else if ((srcHeight <= 750) and (srcHeight >= 550)) “720p”
    else if (fps > 28) “60p”
    else “60p”

    ps I’m using the 4K low end preset

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