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  1. Hey Ranpha

    A lenghty post, please bear with me, as this might surely interest other readers of your blog as well
    It’s HDR enablement related
    As you surely know , HDR is about brightness / contract / making the picture come alive
    Any TV that supports HDR enters a HDR-mode, when such enabled content is available.
    The picture-presets on the TV Set are also HDR related or SDR related (i mean the picture presets / custom presets that one decides to calibrate on)

    My questions are
    -For example in Windows, you’ve mentioned we shouldn’t really enable HDR in Windows (Windows HD Color, i think it’s called) in order to be able to watch HDR in PotPlayer
    But if we don’t enable it, then the TV doesn’t switch to HDR mode when you play a movie
    What should be done when playing an HDR movie in PotPlayer? Just switch the TV on HDR-picture preset and play the movie as you would an SDR movie in Potplayer?

    -I’ve tried enabling HDR in Windows and playing an HDR enabled MKV movie. First enabled the Windows HD Color mode.
    Well, Potplayer or MadVR switched my TV resolution back to 4K SDR
    What causes this, please?
    or better said
    What are you suggestions on this, can you please shed some light, i find it really important to have a perfect working HDR enviroment in PotPlayer / MadVR

    Many many thanks

    • Assuming you have the GPU hardware (GTX1070 or higher), just use the tonemapping option. If you choose to use that option, the 4K TV will stay at SDR mode. And so is Windows. No need to manually turn on HDR color in Windows at all.
      Only when you use the passthrough option, then the TV will go to HDR mode, usually without need ing to turn on HDR color in Windows.

      • Hey Ranpha
        Thanks a lot, yes, 1080 Ti here, GPU
        Ok, so Tonemapping (being better than passthrough) => leaving it SELECTED & configuring it PLUS switching to the HDR picture preset on the TV set manually myself, am i right? Would that be the same?

        PS :
        Thanks a lot, i would really need to google & read more about each config in madVR explained

        • Later edit after tryout of passthrough method just to check if it works : it does the same. when playback starts, TV goes to “HDR” mode, but when going full-screen it switches back to SDR settings / preset

          What could be wrong, please? Attaching you a set of screenshots here, let me know what else might be wrong…


          Nvidia driver installed is => 431.60

          Many thanks, hope i can sort this out somehow :)

          • So, in windowed mode the TV goes to HDR mode but the TV went to SDR mode in fullscreen mode? If that’s te case it is either Windows’s bug or nVidia drivers bugs. Try older drivers?

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