7,880 comments on “Configuring PotPlayer for GPU-accelerated video playback with DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA), Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) or high-performance software decoding

  1. Hello Ranpha
    Please check the linked screenshots
    I’m have a 5.1 surround system, (with no bitstreaming involved)
    Can you let me know what the difference is between the settings in Audio (PotPlayer) and the Mixing part in LAV Audio Decoder settings?

    Should i check the mixing part and select 5.1 or not? (in my case)


    Thanks a lot

  2. Hi Ranpha, videos are very slow to start with potplayer after latest update. skipping is fine but starting the video is significantly slower. like it takes about 6-7 secs. any ideas about this?

  3. Hello Ranpha
    What’s your opinion on the JRiver player?
    Many say it’s better than PotPlayer, yet i couldn’t figure out how to configure it properly (the trial version is what i’ve tried)
    Thank you & regards

  4. AV1 decoding in PotPlayer will now use PotPlayer.
    Does this mean anything to the user? Will it look or perform worse?

  5. Getting a very weird crash when playing 4K HDR mkvs only. Basically, video plays back then just freezes / you can’t do anything else but hard-reset your PC.
    Anyone else experience this weird behaviour? Using the latest nVIDIA driver.

    Tried installing an older nVIDIA Driver, the same. Tried playback with VLC, nothing bad happens.

    I’ve out of ideas on how to diagnose this, other than reinstalling my Windows OS, freshly.

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