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  1. When I enter fullscreen mode the maximum framerate madvr will render at seems to become uncapped, it will go up to around 500 FPS, and the transition between the capped (165fps) and uncapped causes some frame drops during the transition, after which it becomes smooth again.
    I am not using fullscreen exclusive mode and have tried adding custom display modes, turning ON fullscreen exclusive as well as turning on smooth motion ‘always’ but nothing seems to allow me to cap the madvr fps in fullscreen mode.

    • In ‘rendering —> general settings’, enable the ‘delay playback start until the render queue is full’ and ‘delay playback start after seeking too’ options.

        • Then go to ‘rendering —> windowed mode’ and lower the ‘how many video frames shall be presented in advance’ value to below 3. Also try disabling smooth motion.

          • Disabling smooth motion appears to have solved it. I still see the FPS spike after a few seconds of fullscreen mode, but there doesnt appear to be the stutter anymore. Thank you!

    • If smooth motion doesn’t work, then the only thing you can try is to see whether the display supports multiple refresh rates and try to do frame rate matching.

  2. Hello Ranpha.
    Always wanted to ask about the “processing” Tab in madVR configuration. I find it essential, since those options hit the GPU the most, which means more Watts spent and more heat produced (and noisier PC, eventually).
    Are those options even needed, do they make a huge difference in video quality – so that the compromise on energy consumption is valid ?
    I’m talking about

    Reducing Banding / Compression artefacts / Thinning of edges and so on
    Thank you for your input

    • Only the options in ‘artifact removal’ are somewhat important. Deinterlacing can be done on LAV Video Decoder, while ‘image enhancements’ options are absolutely optional.

  3. Hi ranpha!

    First of all, I would like to thank you for what you are doing here.
    I remember back in june when I got a mail from github about a new release of LAVFilters and me thinking “hm, I should check for a new megamix from this anime site in a few days, maybe they are quick about it”. Then I checked the next day and saw that you updated it a day ago.
    You are a legend! <3

    On my jurney on getting kind of obessed about video quality, I turned out to be kind of a sucker for smooth motions. I noticed that videos that do not have an FPS of exactly 60 have some jitter in them, so I assumed my screen wasn’t adjusting to the framerate and sure thing, my screen’s refresh rate stays at 60 when playing back in fullscreen with your megamix and PotPlayer. However, when played back through vanilla mpv, the screen’s refresh rate changes with the video, so my hardware supports it.

    After doing all the things you mentioned about madVR’s sync feature in your madVR guide, it works in PotPlayer too, however my screen turns black for a solid two seconds while the audio already starts playing when entering full screen now. With mpv there is not a single black frame when entering FS with sync. This black screen for a few seconds youln’t be bad if one would watch only movies, but I am sipping through minute long videos often and the upscaling by your megamix really shines here, so using mpv is not an option for me rn. So, is there a way to achieve this with your megamix and PotPlayer somehow?

    Also: did you ever consider modding mpv as you did with MPC-HC and PotPlayer? It would be a nice complement to the heavy PotPlayer and somewhat dusty MPC-HC IMO.

  4. Hello Ranpha
    Is the latest Megamix good to go? Meaning, no issues have been reported with it?
    I’ve refrained from any updates because I’ve read several users mentionining some issues here and there, but things have been pretty silent lately

    When was it last updated, please? LAVFilters-0.75.0-7-x64.exe

    Thank you and regards
    Best regards

    • There are no substantial update to LAV Filters recently, that’s why there’s no updates (I track LAV Filters updates). But maybe I should make a new version of the installer with new versions of MPC-HC and PotPlayer this weekend.

  5. I’m having a bit of a tough time getting 4k videos to run smoothly. I tried tinkering with all the downscaling options but none seem to improve results. I can play 4k videos just fine with WMP (negligible performance impact while monitoring MSI Afterburner) which is mostly what prompts my concern. Using PotPlayer with my long tried & true settings yields 99% gpu usage. I’m using a Ryzen 2600 as well as a GTX 1060 6GB w/ 1080p Acer monitor.

    • Even DXVA downscaling doesn’t work?
      If that’s the case you should try using the EVR preset and see if the same problem also happens there or not.

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