7,253 comments on “Configuring PotPlayer for GPU-accelerated video playback with DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA), Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) or high-performance software decoding

  1. Hi ranpha,

    Long-time user of your guide here (6 years+).

    Upon a fresh install of the LAV Filters Megamix, and rendering with MadVR, I get a black screen on all three players. Also, the players sometimes freeze or become unresponsive when I start them. This goes away if I switch to Haali Renderer or any other renderer.

    Could you give me any advice?

  2. thanks, this guide is amazing
    i am just curious why megamix codec pack contains all three(AssFilterMod, XySubFilter and DirectVobSub) sub filters? One of them isn’t enough? And what is optimal subtitle configration for this setup? I think this is only missing subjects in this guide.

  3. Hi Ranpha,

    I just updated my installation to the latest using your LAV Filters Megamix installer.

    My problem is, after that I can’t play .mp4 video. Every time I try to open .mp4 video, my PotPlayer crashes.

    The video has softsub included (a .srt file with same filename), so I tried to delete the .srt file. After that the .mp4 opened and played normally. The problem only happens when there’s a .srt file.

    I don’t have any idea what causes this. Is it because when updating, I didn’t tick the “Reset configuration” checkbox?

    Can you please help me to troubleshoot this?


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