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  1. So this guide is configured for anime but may I ask if is there anything we should be aware off to change on (potplayer, lavfilters, madvr) when playing non-anime stuff ?

  2. Hey, thanks for the guide. I’m running into a weird issue which I can’t figure out. When I play a file with PotPlayer, after a short while, my system shuts down entirely. Feels almost like a thermal shutdown, except my temperatures are fine. I have to turn off my PSU for several seconds, turn it back on, and then I can turn my system on again. It’ll happen if I’m playing back in windowed mode after anywhere from a few seconds to couple minutes, but one way to always trigger it is to go into full screen mode, and then exit. My system shuts off immediately upon exiting full screen.

    I’m using all the recommended settings above. My specs are as follows:
    Ryzen 9 3950X
    2x RTX 2080 Ti

    Also using a 1300W PSU at the moment, so it’s definitely not a power issue.

    Any ideas here? Thanks.

      • Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe it was using software decoding as it was a hi10p video? I’ll try with SLI disabled and see if that affects anything.

  3. Hi Ranpha,
    I was wondering if forcing a 720p tv to play 1080p videos in 1080p rather than downscale to 720p would give any better quality

    • If display is 720p, then playing a 720p version of a video is the best way to go, instead of playing a 1080p or 360p on it where scaling will happen.

  4. Is there any special feature that we should be aware off when watching something on a 144Hz monitor ? Maybe it’s just a placebo or a problem of the encode itself, but I notice a bit of ‘lag’ specially on scenes where the camera moves.
    My computer is fairly new and the only way it seems to fix the issue is using SVP but I would like to avoid that if I can…

        • Then, in madVR’s ‘rendering —> general settings’, try disable ‘present a frame for every vsync’ while turning on ‘enable overlay mode’.

          • You mean ‘enable windowed overlay’ ? Tried it, perhaps it’s slightly better but nowhere near SVP

              • I din’t notice any changes with Reclock. With PotPlayer it doesn’t seem to load at all, I had to use MPC and enable ‘set Reclock as preferred rendered’ on the configurations of Reclock.

                I think I will just go with SVP. Any special thing I should be aware off when using SVP with your guide (PotPlayer+madVR) ?

                btw PotPlayer version that came with the installer keeps asking for update, should I ?

  5. Hello Ranpha
    Need your help again

    1) For scaling – if on 2K or 4K display, what’s the best option within Nvidia Control Panel, i don’t really understand the differences


    2) Regarding HDR switch, on my Sony 4K HDR enabled TV – I’d really like to use Select ‘passthrough HDR to display’ option – which I used to have no problem in using (in my previous Windows configuration as soon as an HDR mkv was played on PotPlayer, the TV switched to HDR instantly)

    Now, after a fresh Windows install – Potplayer switches my TV to HDR mode AFTER i go Full-Screen, not like before – it’s pretty frustrating, that’s why I ask

    Many thanks, appreciated

      1. The current one in the picture is the correct one.

      2. Actually, if you ask me, I will not suggest using the passthrough option, especially if you have such powerful GPU. Let madVR do tonemapping instead.

      • Ok, can you also check the attached file (has CTRL+J enabled on it) and tell me if something’s wrong to you?

        The screenshot is taken from => PotPlayer running an 4K HDR mkv , 4K got HDR enabled (no Windows HDR enabling, but Potplayer / madVR switched to it when going fullscreen)

        I’m wondering about that NV HDR 8bit – why isn’t it 8bit and not 10bit ?
        Does it matter?

        Also “limited range (says upstream”

        Thanks for your suggestions

        • One more thing

          Did a lot of tests, last night – found out the following
          The TV gets in HDR mode – only in Fullscreen –

          When when right clicking on the screen or trying to use the seek bar below – that breaks HDR immediately

          Exclusive mode in madVR didn’t help this

          Only PotPlayer Exclusive mode helped, but seek bar is gong in that mode ; stil right clicking the screen when in Full Screen mode breaks HDR mode

          What can be done?
          I have latest nVIDIA driver, reinstalled it….i could try to reinstall PotPlayer / MadVR (LavFilters package and try again)

        • If this is passthrough, then it doesn’t matter whether it is 8-bit or not. As for the string “Limited Range (says upstream)”, that’s just for informational purposes only. Pretty much 99.99% of all movies and videos are limited range.

          • Right now i’m experimenting with Tonemapping with Output video in HDR format enabled

            I’m still trying to figure out what to enter at target peak nits so i get the best result. Still reading about that

  6. Ranpha, one more time, i need to ask
    For 8700k system with 1080Ti GPU , for playing 2160p (UHD) movies, what’s the best suggestion for the LAV Filter Video setup, please

    Thanks a lot

    • With that CPU, just set LAV Video to use software decoding. Everything else should be left as-is.

  7. Hey Ranpha, greetings & hope you’re safe & healthy in your country!
    Just a quick question, i’ve finally managed to get a 144Hz monitor (2K resolutin, with 144Hz or 165Hz) – is there any additional setting i have to pursue within LAV Filters / MadVR to make it run correctly from the HZ perspective?

    Thanks a lot

  8. And also a question about HEVC / H265 encoded files and PotPlayer. I’m getting the colourful / error frames when seeking. Is that normal?
    Do i have to setup LAV Filters or madVR in a different way for these types of files?

  9. Hello Ranpha
    Regarding MadVR Measuring Tool – any updates on that front?
    It would be amazing to have HDR with correct metadata for each frame – a big visual upgrade (similar to what HDR10+ is )

    Thanks and regards

      • I’m really interested in that tool / method. Will surely keep myself informed & hopefully, you will be able to update the guide with that some day :)

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