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  1. Hi Ranpha,

    Thanks for your incredibly detailed guide. It’s been my go-to resource for years. I just upgraded from a laptop to a new computer and I have a bunch of questions I couldn’t find the answer to.

    Which install settings are best for my AMD cpu+gpu combo 2600 + 5700XT? Can I use the “high-end nVidia GPU” preset even though I’m AMD? Also, which Hardware Decoder in LAV Video is best for my config? D3D11?

    Additionally, I seem to get some choppyness during panning scenes (I basically only watch anime) both with smooth motion on (also with “use separate device for presentation” enabled) and smooth motion off (also separate device presentation disabled). Smooth motion on also seems to contribute to dropped frames for some reason (maybe freesync?) so I’ve been leaving it off. I’ve had MadVR’s exclusive mode enabled and potplayer’s disabled (since I have no idea if enabling both is correct). Is there any way I can fix the panning choppiness?


      • I believe the 5700XT is a GTX2070-class GPU.Assuming that you took the madVR OSD screenshot in playing mode (not paused) then you probably needs to dial-down your settings. If your display is 144Hz then try force-on Smooth Motion (turn on all the time) and you need to disable FreeSync.

  2. hello Ranpha,
    I just bought a new laptop and installed LAV filters with potplayer on it, set it for mid end settings but I ran into problem. The video won’t play, my configuration is processor: Intel core i7-9750H, graphics NVidia GeForce GTX 1660Ti, running on Win10. I tried reinstalling the package but the video playback is slow, only audio is working properly! Any ideas?

  3. Hi.

    I have Windows 10 Pro v.1909
    My PC specs are Ryzen 3700X, 32 GB DDR4 and GTX970

    What decoding method should i use?


  4. Hey Ranpha

    Can you, perhaps, specify if the latest nVIDIA driver 441.08 – is a good choice for nVIDIA owners?
    That if – you’ve managed to test it until now :)

    Thanks a lot

    • Drivers testing is only needed for Windows 10 system, and I do not have one now. Windows 8.1 users should always use latest drivers.

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