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  1. Hey Ranpha
    Is the latest LAV Filters MegaMix all right? I mean, no bugs have been reported, like a while back, right?
    Also – a question, please, how can you backup madVR settings, is that possible?
    Thanks and best thoughts

    • Before reinstallation, you should back-up the settings.bin file in C:\Program Files (x86)\LAV Filters\x64\madVR folder and then restore it RIGHT AFTER reinstallation process.

  2. Hello Ranpha

    Just got my Sony 4K TV calibrated by an ISF Specialist. Can you please advise for SDR / HDR content, what should i select from the madVR / selected TV / Calibration menu, please?
    I mean, it’s not clear what primaries / gamut to select, it’s a bit confusing

    I know i have a 2.3 gamma for my SDR TV Profile, but that’s about it. I do have the calibration report if that helps more.

    If you have some insight on this, any explanation or link would be useful

    Thank you, appreciated

    • Assuming your TV is in wide gamut mode, select DCI-P3 or BT.2020 (see calibration report to see which one) and pure power curve 2.30. Applied whether your are watching HDR or SDR videos.

      • Well SDR profile is BT709 – selected it + gamma curve BT709 one

        HDR profile is BT2020 (wide gamut)

        But when playing an HDR movie , the calibration does pass-through, nothing changes if I change the primaries / or select disable calibration. I guess that’s correct

  3. I don’t know what changed, but, even with this newest update of the LAV megamix I’m getting the same issue in regards to the timeline preview scanning being much, much slower than it used to be. (It used to be instantaneous)
    All I know is that when I go back to LAVFilters-0.74.1-34-x64 the problem goes away.

  4. Hey there, Im having some problems and am wondering how I would go about doing a complete clean reinstall.

    What exactly do I need to do get completely uninstall lav, madvr, xysub, etc? It doesn’t look like theres a single uninstaller for everything, so I do just need to uninstall everything seperately through Windows settings like you would for a regular program?

    Sorry for the uneducated question. Thanks in advance for any replies.

  5. Hello Ranpha / everyone active around nowadays

    Big fan and follower of this website and Ranpha’s project

    I can also do some testing on my platform / HTPC, but i would need a summary of the issues you encounter, please?
    -is it HDR related? 10bit enablment ? That has to do with nVIDIA new drivers
    -audio related?

    Thanks a lot

  6. Sorry for the late reply, there’s a bit of a bug where I can’t reply to your last message.
    Yeah, that crash happens exactly the same with all video types.

      • Well I tested it and I can confirm that not only does mpc have the same timeline stutter issue as Potplayer with certain wmv videos, it is also much worse and more prolonged.
        Guess I’ll be sticking with Potplayer.

    • Go to ‘Filter Control —> Filter Priority (preset-specific)’ section, and then block the ‘LAV Audio Decoder’ entry. Does the audio part of the video works then?

  7. Would you happen to still have a backup of the previous version of the LAV Filters Mega Mix (64) ? I have noticed that certain actions that include the preview function of the timeframes and creating preview thumbnails is much slower than it used to be. Not sure if you looked into the WMV suggestion I pointed to a couple weeks back, either, btw. Sadly it seems apparent that there is no going about fixing the stutter that happens with those particular kinds of videos when time-jumping.

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