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  1. Hey Ranpha, under “Step 4 – Configuring madVR”, it looks like all the links to screenshots are broken as I can’t see any of them. Will you be uploading new screenshots?

  2. Hello dear Ranpha
    Need some help. Just switched to using Windows 10 Pro (been on 8.1 Ultimate until lately )
    Updated to the latest LAV Megamix and well – the problem is the following, PotPlayer just shuts down, suddendly, just like that

    Anyone else encounter this?
    Setup is
    i7 8700k
    16GB RAM
    GPU : GTX 780Ti

    Thanks and regards, much appreciated

      • Nevermind, I tried to download it now, twice, under 30s. Back then when I first download it, was slow for some reason. All good. Forgot to thank you for the comprehensive guide! Any advice for some more tweaks on a laptop GTX 660M 2GB / i7 ivy bridge 2.3GHz / Win 10 x64? I’ve tried to set the chroma and img upscaling to Bilinear on madVR and it still lags a bit. Dropped frames are going up every second :|. Everything else is exactly like in the madVR guide. I Choose Method 1 from here. Also what I don’t really get is the step 2 from Tips on improving perfomance. Please help!

  3. Sorry for the late reply. I’ve tried several drivers released on November and December of 2017 though, I still get dropped frames and 59.99xxxHz report from madVR.

    I swear for the first quarter of 2018, I did not have this issue as I remember installing the latest LAVfilter megamix at the time and also tested the same videos using NGU AA scaling.
    I’m very sensitive about dropped frames so there’s no way in hell I could’ve ignored this problem had it happened at that time. If I’ve experienced the same problem, I would’ve of made a post here to ask for help.

    This is weird. Either something changed in madVR or, I’m losing my mind and I actually mistook testing result from my previous GPU (R9 390) last year.

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