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  1. This has to be one of the longest breaks between updates that I’ve seen here on this site. Just no activity?

    I’ve been having issues with random mkv files playing at hyper fast speeds. pllay fine on VLC

    4K videos not playing at all……play on VLC with no issues.

    I am running Win 10 pro
    AMD Ryzen 5 2600K
    RTX 280Ti GPU
    high end presets

    • There is simply no updates for madVR (perpetually in test build mode for HDR) or LAV Filters. Player updates will only be done when LAV Filters are updated. As for ultra high-speed playback (more than 2x), I believe this is a PotPlayer limitations.

  2. Hello Ranpha

    Merry Christmas & best wishes

    Two questions
    LAVFilters-0.74.1-30-x64.exe – is this the latest released by you?

    2nd question , please – for embedded subtitles, i’m having issues with some subtitle for a movie (when there’s more dialogue on the screen, only first line is shown)
    MKV loaded with “AssFilterMod” with PotPlayer

    Tested with VLC Media Player – it shows correctly / all of it

    Any ideas?

    • Is that MKV use external subtitles? Try rerunning the installer, then choose the ‘Disable madVR and use EVR CP’ option and see if the problem still happens or not.

      • No, embedded / internal subtitles (within the MKV)
        I’m reinstalling and letting you know

        Ranpha – i’m sure this was asked before – can you also do a mini-guide for optimal configuration of Potplayer? I mean – subtitles / audio part and what else you find useful / important


  3. Hi, i have 2080 Ti and using cuda for PotPlayer in 4K HDR but it’s too slow like 15fps and gpu usage 99% full clock speed, can you tell me which option could eating that much gpu power please ?

      • Hello Ranpha, native 4K HDR 55″ (LG E6) Windows 10 1909.
        I don’t know if the TV is doing it’s video enhancements but I didn’t notice any difference between PowerDVD19 who is using 3% of the GPU and PotPlayer with filters that is using 80% of the GPU (default LAV 1080p high-end settings with AntiAliasing). Thank you by advance.

    • Rerun the installer and try using the mid-end preset. Make sure you configure the display correctly in the madVR settings; configure only the ‘devices —> ‘your-display-name-here’ section while leaving everything else alone.

  4. Hey, so I’m guessing that Windows bug I asked about a couple months ago can’t be fixed?
    If so, that’s a shame.

      • This also happens in WIndows 8.1, so I think it must be something Microsoft has slipped in into one of their Windows updates.

        • How peculiar. Whatever the case, it’s a pity that those like myself who love this pack you’ve created have to use something lesser with wmv videos.

  5. Hi ranpha. Thanks for your amazing work all these years ;)

    I bought both RTX2070 Super and ryzen 3700X. What settings should i use in image upscaling for 4K videos? And chroma upscaling?

  6. Hi Ranpha,

    Thanks for your incredibly detailed guide. It’s been my go-to resource for years. I just upgraded from a laptop to a new computer and I have a bunch of questions I couldn’t find the answer to.

    Which install settings are best for my AMD cpu+gpu combo 2600 + 5700XT? Can I use the “high-end nVidia GPU” preset even though I’m AMD? Also, which Hardware Decoder in LAV Video is best for my config? D3D11?

    Additionally, I seem to get some choppyness during panning scenes (I basically only watch anime) both with smooth motion on (also with “use separate device for presentation” enabled) and smooth motion off (also separate device presentation disabled). Smooth motion on also seems to contribute to dropped frames for some reason (maybe freesync?) so I’ve been leaving it off. I’ve had MadVR’s exclusive mode enabled and potplayer’s disabled (since I have no idea if enabling both is correct). Is there any way I can fix the panning choppiness?


      • I believe the 5700XT is a GTX2070-class GPU.Assuming that you took the madVR OSD screenshot in playing mode (not paused) then you probably needs to dial-down your settings. If your display is 144Hz then try force-on Smooth Motion (turn on all the time) and you need to disable FreeSync.

  7. hello Ranpha,
    I just bought a new laptop and installed LAV filters with potplayer on it, set it for mid end settings but I ran into problem. The video won’t play, my configuration is processor: Intel core i7-9750H, graphics NVidia GeForce GTX 1660Ti, running on Win10. I tried reinstalling the package but the video playback is slow, only audio is working properly! Any ideas?

    • Can you play a video (software decoding)_, then go full screen, then toggle on madVR OSD via CTRL -J, wait for 10 seconds and then take p[pictures of the OSD and put it here.

        • The OSD will only be shown via the Print Screen function, or you can use your digital camera/phone. The OSD isn’t being shown in the picture you have uploaded.

            • Sorry, can you also toggle up PotPlayer OSD (press TAB button) and make a screenshot of it when playing the video in your picture?

                  • Hello Ranpha, sorry I tried this method but still video plays in slow motion and gets glitchy! My monitor is actualy 1080p, 60 hz. Do you know any way to tweak the MadVR option panel so it could play normal?
                    Im a big fan of your work and use it for years now , on my last laptop, everything was smooth

                    • Run the installer again and try using the EVR preset instead, and see if the problem is repeatable with the EVR custom presenter.

                    • The EVR custom presenter is by default when I ran the installer and yes with it I dont have these issues. Really hoped to use the MadVR option though, but I guess it wont work.

                    • Hello there Ranpha,

                      I think I figured out what was the problem. I got back to 4k low preset method now and when I change the resolution to 16:9 aspect ratio my video gets glitchy. Well it’s something to do with the dithering option, I switched back to ordered or random to fix it. Also did everything in your configuring madVR steps, but not sure if I did it right, cause I really love watching videos in 16:9 ratio. I also tweaked LAV video decoder to D3D11 if that makes a difference :) But I’m not sure about the “trade quality for performance” options, should I leave them as it is shown in your guide or tweak a little more?

                    • If you use the low-end preset, do not use the guide except for the display setting part, which is the first part of the madVR guide.

                    • The low-end preset. Actually, just try the mid-end preset and then configure madVR’s ‘devices —> ‘your-display-name-here’ section ONLY, leaving the rest untouched.

                    • Hello again, actually I tried both methods but only the low-end preset plays video just fine. I left everything untouched, except the “display name” option! Thank you Ranpha, it looks great now

  8. Hi.

    I have Windows 10 Pro v.1909
    My PC specs are Ryzen 3700X, 32 GB DDR4 and GTX970

    What decoding method should i use?


  9. Hey Ranpha

    Can you, perhaps, specify if the latest nVIDIA driver 441.08 – is a good choice for nVIDIA owners?
    That if – you’ve managed to test it until now :)

    Thanks a lot

    • Drivers testing is only needed for Windows 10 system, and I do not have one now. Windows 8.1 users should always use latest drivers.

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