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  1. Hi Ranpha, years ago i have a problem with lav audio don’t showing loading/working, i have to manually uninstall and make a clean install of lav filter to fix it. In the two last version of lav filter this problem show it again and a clean install don’t work this time, no lav audio is running while playing a video (right click, menu filter), no lav audio icon on taskbar ¿how can i fix it this time?

  2. Hi Ranpha,
    I have my TV set up at limited rgb(16-235) and also set my amd gpu settings to limited rgb. Now, do I need to set madvr to 16-235 also?

  3. None of the subtitles changes like “increase vertical spacing” works at all, what do I have to do to change that?

      • Within PotPlayer. Show/Hide Subtitles, Enable ASS/SSA subtitle animations, the positioning changes, nothing seems to affect anything at all

        • I have some subtitles that comes with yellow fonts, or the subtitle are located too low vertically. Will love to be able to force the font color to white or increase the vertical spacing for the other videos. No idea why none of the subtitle settings in PotPlayer is working though

              • Open PotPlayer’s Filter Control —> Filter Priority (preset-specific) section and double-click the ‘AssFilterMod’ entry.

                • Tried changing the settings in AssFilterMod, still no luck. I even force PotPlayer to use the other two sub filter but nothing works either. It’s as if the subtitles setting is being lock down or something.

                  Guess I’ll try re-installing yet again and test out the subtitles before I even setup the madVR/LAVFilters configurations. Speaking of which, is there anyway to export the madVR configurations?

                  • Play the video you want the subtitle style to be changed for, and look at what subtitle renderer is being used by right-clicking the video area and selecting ‘Filters’.

                    Back-up madVR settings by copying settings.bin file in the madVR folder to somewhere else before uninstalling. Then you MUST restore the file FIRST THING FIRST to the same folder before doing playback.

                    • I gave up. Nothing seems to work. Maybe I’ll just wait for the next update and pray for the best.. I swear it was working fine before..

  4. So I tried running all the test videos and face issues with test video 6. (slightly laggy) and 11. (super choppy). Both test videos works just fine in VLC player. Any chance what settings tweak might help out? I’m running a RTX2070 on Win 10 64-bit.

    • For video 11, make sure hardware acceleration is enabled in LAV Video. For the 6th test video, you may have to change audio renderer from ‘Built-in WASAPI Audio Renderer’ to ‘DirectSound:name-of-your-audio-output-device’.

      • Turns out in LAV Filters, “Active decoder” is always and “Active Hardware Accelator” is always regardless of whichever decoding setup I pick and regardless of video played.

        I tried messing with the audio render option in PotPlayer as well but it doesn’t helps with test video 6. Actually audio are playing perfectly, just the videos. There seems to be very slight drop frames in video 6 but 11 is just downright aweful

        • Nvm, I’m an idiot. The decoder settings always remain unchanged because I was opening LAV via start menu instead of the tray icon. DXVA2 decoder is running but video 11 is still lagging real badly

  5. Hi there! Just re-install/update the whole package last night and now my subtitles isn’t showing for all videos.. Double checked and confirm subtitles are displaying fine in VLC player. Tried playing with all the settings in PotPlayer but nothing seems to work. Any help please? >_<

        • Nope. Also, if it matters, when I’m currently playing a video via PotPlayer, rather than the madVR + LAV set (Spliter, Audio, Video) tray icons that shown up previously, I got the AssFilterMod + LAV set tray icon now instead.

          I also tried messing around with the xy-vsfilter and XySubFilter configuration settings in the LAVFilters folder found in the Win 10 start menu but nothing helps out either..

          • Hmm… try manually uninstalling the LAV Filters package first then reinstall. I can’t seem to be able to repeat the problem here.

            • I solved the mystery. Turns out the culprit is “Skins > On Screen Control > Enable: Direct3D11 Mode”. Picking that option turns off (?) MadVR and kills the subtitle..

  6. Hey Ranpha, regarding to setting different profiles for scaling algorithms, is it possible to set it so that it switches to respective profiles automatically when it detects certain GPU processors is being used?

    I’m using a laptop which, the GPU/CPU will throttle when it’s in battery mode (i.e. not connected to power brick). I was wondering if it’s possible to set it so that:
    – When using dGPU (connected), madVR will automatically switch to “profile 1” (high scaling options)
    – When using iGPU (not connected), madVR will automatically switch to “profile 2” (low scaling options)

    Or is it not possible where, I’d have to stick to one profile?

      • Hey, sorry for the late reply.

        I’ve tried the rule but it doesn’t switch profile when I’m on battery mode.
        I tried the following:
        if (battery = true) “YourProfileA” else “YourProfileB”
        if (battery) “YourProfileA” else “YourProfileB”
        if (battery = “YourProfileA”) else “YourProfileB”

        Is there another string that I could try?

        • ‘battery’ use boolean values, so may looks like below. Assuming you want madVR to use YourProfileA when in battery mode.

          if (not battery) "YourProfileB" else "YourProfileA"

            • This strings work OK on my desktop:
              if (battery) “profileA” else “profileB”

              I don’t have a laptop and it’ll always run profileB rather than profileA. This is case-sensitive – if your profile is called “NoPower” then “nopower” won’t work.

              I’m on version 0.92.14 using PotPlayer. MPC-HC doesn’t work in my case with the profile auto-select rules, but I’m unsure why this is the case.

              • Oh wow, thanks for the heads up.
                It now using using capitals. I didn’t know it was case sensitive as I’ve used lower cases for the profiles “PowerMode” and “BatteryMode” respectively.

  7. This problem I had before still persists in most MKV files I am watching at the moment. The video is hyperspeed with no audio mesh whatsoever. If I turn off smooth motion, I get sever juddering.

    I also unchecked all boxes in the processing….deinterlacing section of MadVR as well

    I have enabled YADIF in LAV Video Decoder 50p/60p (video).

    I have tried changing my hardware acceleration hardware decoder from none to 3D311. Neither work


    sample #6 above also exhibits same problems. decoder set to none/YADIF 50-60 smooth motion on…hyperspeed bad audio….no smooth motion juddery too

    again my specs….
    MSI B350M MORTAR (MS-7A37) I416761845 1.0
    CPU AMD Ryzen 5 2600x
    GPU NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

    LAV preset high end for UHD 4K display + high end GPUs

  8. Hello,

    I tried to download LAV filters megamix 32-bit version, but the link is broken. Is it not supported anymore?

    • Damn, FileZilla failed me. And I cannot be able to fix this for another two days. You may have to wait for a bit.

      • Thanks Ranpha.

        Btw, can I install both 32-bit and 64-bit version of your LAV Filters Megamix?

        The problem is, there is a game I play that requires LAV Filters 32-bit to play video. But I still want to use PotPlayer 64-bit.

        I tested using LAV installer from doom9 (nevcairiel) and it worked. The game will use LAV 32-bit and PotPlayer will use LAV 64-bit.

        Can I do the same thing using your installer?

  9. Hello Ranpha

    Need your help, audio-related this time

    Hearing some pops / crackling sounds for a split-second, sometimes, from movies soundtracks.
    Would the “exclusive mode” – help?
    What about the other two options? What do they do, specifically?


    I’m using a 5.1 surround system, all set-up correctly, most likely. Also disabled “clipping protection” from LAV Audio Filters – but i still get it, so it’s nothing to do with that

    • Yes, you can enable WASAPI bitexact mode. Other programs cannot use the soundcard when the movie is playing though.

      • Just finished reading what WASAPI means. Pretty cool.
        Ok, Ranpha, but by using WASAPI bitexact mode, will LAV Audio still decode my audio properly? I’m not bitstreaming my audio through HDMI in an AV Receiver – instead LAV does the processing for my sound setup

        Thank you for clearing this up

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