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  1. Hi!
    first of all, thanks for the great work!
    Im just gonna ask what if I want to use alternative video renderer (e.g haali) the subtitle does not load if I change video renderer.

      • Sorry for the very late reply. If you change video renderer, you have to enable the PotPlayer’s internal subtitle engine in “Subtitles” section (enable the ‘Show Subtitles’ option).

  2. Thanks for continuing to update! this is the only media player set-up that I’ve been very happy with.

  3. Hello Ranpha
    Any thoughts about Dolby Vision – support – on Windows 10?
    If you ever find out something about this, let us know
    There’s certain movies that have both HDR + Dolby Vision (in the MKV embedded) but some only feature Dolby Vision, unfortunately)

  4. Got a few odd questions that possibly you have ideas/insight on.
    I’ve been using Avi-snyth scripts based off of SVP as my PC really doean’t seem to like the native SVP solution using the whole GUI to load scripts directly from SVP, it also bugs out that way as I often have multiple pot player instances open at any given time- my question comes from the fact that my CPU have a huge number of cores and even more threads but if I set the option in my AVI-script above 10 I have tremendous audio sync issues(sounds often upwards of 3 seconds behind video frames being shown), I’ve never used reclock but I read it only works for 32bit media players and I’ve only ever seen the point of installing the 64bit version of potplayer, would you say I could still use reclock?
    Also, I bought Dmitri a while ago but I’ve found just having it installed causes my potplayer to randomly close at times, have you ever tried this program/and or experienced an outcome from anything in the past causing potplayer to randomly close or possibly freeze? and did you find a solution?
    And lastly I’ve been trying out MPV player as a secondary player but I feel the lack of an interface is a huge negative for the fact that most people I know want to be able to do the simplest of tasks with their mouse like clicking buttons to play,pause,skip, and enable/disable subtitles or switch audio devices for the player…. MPV makes this a challenge by default, but why I’m bringing it up is that it supports a program called reshade which I’ve mainly only ever used for emulated games(so my old playstation 2 collection) but I’ve noticed it can work and apply many filters to MPV player with minimal impact on the system reasources, the issue I’m trying to portray is that I can’t get it to work with potplayer by any means. I’m not the greatest with manual hacks but I have tried quite a few things and searched the web but just haven’t managed to come right, might you by any chance have an idea for me to try or possibly try it yourself and see if it works as is for you? As I literally don’t know how to enable it for potplayer

  5. Hi Ranpha

    Could you please help me?

    Using Potplayer slim and MadVR and low end Pre-set for 4K.

    Whenever I am currently playing a video then immediately open a new video (same player, not opening a 2nd video) I get a black screen (audio works fine) but only for 4K video (x265 AC3).

    When I open a non 4K video, video shows up.

    I can remedy it by changing the Pot Player skin. It gets a little bit annoying having to change the skin whenever I get a black screen.

    Could help me find a solution to this problem?

    Alan Q

  6. So I got the system try icon shown when AssFilterMod is supposed to be being used with PotPlayer but apparently changing the settings has no effect like the color of the subs, even after restarting PotPlayer, the color remains the same as before.

    With MPC HC the AssFilterMod isn’t even on the filter list and when I manually add it and try to change the settings I get the same results as with PotPlayer..

    Any idea why? Is this filter outdated? Should I use another filter instead?
    Only thing I want to do is to change the color of the subs while maintaining the style and all that…

    • AssFilterMod are not supposed to be used with.srt type subtitles. If you want to change colors etc. you have to do it within XySubFilter options.

      • Well I installed LAV Filters Megamix (64bit) from here and configured PotPlayer and madVR as per the guide and AssFilterMod appears to load by default with the video in question (it’s one of those MKV files which can hold multiple subs, even thou this one only has English).

        This is not one of those cases where an external SRT sub file is loaded which the color can be easily changed on PotPlayer itself.

        The format of the subs seems to be ASS, and my guess as to why it doesn’t let me change the color is because it’s locked into the configuration that the encoder choose for the subs to be displayed in… not sure if that is indeed the case but to me it seems that way because different files which also load the AssFilterMod by default will produce different sub styles with different colors…

        Now my question remains, how do I change the text color or outline of these subs?

          • It is ASS subtitles, not hardsub or anything, so why can’t it be changed?

            I since figured that if I disabled the AssFilterMod and use XySubFilter instead I can customize the style and color in there but for some reason the default customization don’t look as good and I have an hard time trying to mess with it to make it better (I only wish to change the color, that’s all).

            Also if I disable XySubFilter as well I can use PotPlayer own configuration options to customize the subs but then again the defaults are not that good looking.

            This seems to me that the problem has more to do with AssFilterMod not letting you to customize the subs to your likening even thou it appears it has some options for it on its configuration window (the window that popup when you click the system Tray icon of AssFilterMod)…

            BTW not sure if it has anything to do with the problem but AssFilterMod doesn’t get its own shortcut on the windows start menu under the LAV Filters folder that it’s created when you use the installer from here but XySubFilter gets its own configuration entry there…

            • It is because that’s the nature of the ASS subs. AssFilterMod did not have the ability to remove the formatting off an ASS subtitle track.

  7. Hello Ranpha

    I’ve always wanted to ask you
    When updating the builds of MegaMix
    Can you please also update the list of changes to previous versions (if any suchs list exist)

    Thank you

  8. Hello

    I notice that on the madVR configuration guide at the part where it says ‘’Go to ‘processing —> artifact removal’ section, and set it exactly as shown below.’’ the screenshot shown has the option ‘’run as part of NGU, if possible’’ enabled but looking at it from someone who installed the latest available download (Compile time: 19 February 2022 9:51pm UTC+8. Build: 5da67b51f104.) that option is not phrased the same way and instead says ‘‘activate only if it comes for free (as part of NGU sharp)’’ which sounds like it works differently from the option shown on the screenshot and if I enable it, the other option ‘’quality: medium’’ dropdown menu automatically turns grey and cannot be messed with anymore unlike what appears to be on the screenshot.
    My question now is what is the right thing to do, should I enable ‘‘activate only if it comes for free (as part of NGU sharp)’’ option or not?

    Also I have an NVIDIA GPU and I was wonder if there is any specific options on the NVIDIA control panel that I should change or if the defaults work the best?

    One more thing… should I play videos with or without FreeSync enabled on my monitor? (my monitor is FreeSync with GSync compatible)

    • The wording may be different now, but it should still works the same. Just ignore the greyed-out option.

      As for nVidia CP options, they can be left at default. As for the FreeSync question, I am not really sure about that one, because I never have a display that supports it.

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