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  1. Hi there

    Having and issue here where i get massive dropped frames when using mpc with any preset. I have the following specs

    16gb 2400mhz ram
    MSI z170 gaming pro carbon
    1080p screen
    windows 10 with latest updates 1809
    rx 560D
    hdd and ssd

    This is what I tried:

    installed differend amd drivers using DDU before reinstallation
    Move video file to ssd and play from there
    Tried differend profiles when installing. I always uninstall lav filter then reinstall it.
    older lav filters

    the only way to make it work is by going to options and select “enhanced video render (custom presenter)” under output then i get 0 frame drops. when using media player.net it works 100% fine but not with mpc + madvr.

    Also on my another pc with the following specs everything works 100%

    16gb 2400mhz ram
    ssd and hdd
    gtx 980 ti
    windows 10 with latest updates 1809
    pg279q (2560x1440p@165hz) display

    hope you will be able to help

      1. Install the latest version of the installer above, choose to install the ‘madVR low-end preset (madVR defaults)’ preset.
      2. Set LAV Video Decoder to use software decoding.
      3. Download the first test video above.
      4. Play the said video in MPC-HC, then make it go full-screen.
      5. Press CTRL – J to toggle the madVR OSD, and press CTRL – R to reset its stats.
      6. Let the video plays for about 10 seconds, then pause it, then take a screenshot of the OSD.
      7. Upload it to https://pixxxels.cc/ and then put it here.
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