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  1. Hi Ranpha,

    I have used your guides for years. I just got an HDR OLED LG Tv, and all the HDR clips were washed out. I tried every setting in the NVIDIA control panel, MPC-HC, etc.

    In the end, I had to enable Direct3D 11 in the MadVR settings. In your guide, you may want to highlight that for HDR display users. When off – even though TV was detecting “HDR”, everything was washed out. I had the “HDR passthrough” enabled.

    I found another forum where they all suggested the Direct3d 11 as a solution in MadVR to enable 10-bit HDR output.

  2. my laptop has an i5-6300hq
    8gb ram
    gtx 950
    i connect my laptop via hdmi to a 49” 4k 10HDR tv
    is it even worth trying the settings to play 4k HDR movies???

    • 4K HDR movies? The answer is yes. If you are only playing 1080p videos on a 4K display, then probably not.

  3. Is there a way with this software setup, to limit how many frames per second are rendered without having to change the refresh rate of the screen? For example, if a video file is 30fps and I want to limit it to exactly double the frame rate (60fps), is there a setting in MPC-HC, MadVR, LAV, etc, to accomplish this?

    Also, is there a equivalent to a games “Borderless Window” mode with this software setup?

    If you’re wondering, I have a Freesync setup, and instead of having the videos trying to render at 144fps as they do now, I’d rather they render at just 2x the videos actual rate. In full screen mode, Freesync can kick in and keep the screen refresh rate the same as the output of the video renderer.

  4. Hi there

    Having and issue here where i get massive dropped frames when using mpc with any preset. I have the following specs

    16gb 2400mhz ram
    MSI z170 gaming pro carbon
    1080p screen
    windows 10 with latest updates 1809
    rx 560D
    hdd and ssd

    This is what I tried:

    installed differend amd drivers using DDU before reinstallation
    Move video file to ssd and play from there
    Tried differend profiles when installing. I always uninstall lav filter then reinstall it.
    older lav filters

    the only way to make it work is by going to options and select “enhanced video render (custom presenter)” under output then i get 0 frame drops. when using media player.net it works 100% fine but not with mpc + madvr.

    Also on my another pc with the following specs everything works 100%

    16gb 2400mhz ram
    ssd and hdd
    gtx 980 ti
    windows 10 with latest updates 1809
    pg279q (2560x1440p@165hz) display

    hope you will be able to help

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