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  1. This is really good! Also, I tried it with KMPlayer 64X, but for some reason it doesn’t show subtitles with the format of ssa/aas. Is there a reason why?

    • It also depends on what contents you are watching. If you watch many 4K HDR non-animation movies, then the mid-end preset should suffice, and do not forget to dial up the madVR HDP tone mapping settings to the highest quality the GPU can handle. Else, if you watch mainly 1080p videos, use the high-end nVidia preset.

      • I mostly watch 10bit x265 or x264 Anime, i usually watch BDRip 720p or 1080p.
        But sometimes i do watch movies or series.
        So how’s the best setting i should do?

        What do you mean by madVR HDP tone mapping settings? I don’t understand it

        Thanks for your answer and the fast response

        • If that’s the case, just use the high-end nVidia preset then.
          I’m talking about madVR’s ‘devices —> ‘your-display-name-here —> hdr’ section.

          • ooh okay then, thanks for the recommendation.
            On the ‘scaling algorithms -> upscaling refinement’ section, should i play a little bit with everything there? or do you have any recommended setting? or maybe i should just leave it blank?

            • For that section, try whatever your GPU can handle. IMHO, only the sharpening settings are worth fiddling with.

  2. Just installed using the mid-end preset and then modified my madvr config to mostly match the settings on your “configure madvr” page with the exception of the “trade quality for performance” menu which I left default. Using the xsubfilter for subtitles. I have a GTX 1060 and i7-6700K on W8.1.

    I noticed while testing the Clannad After Story NCOP theme (Toki wo Kizamu Uta) file, that I’m experiencing a few presentation glitches during full screen playback (not associated with pausing or hovering over control/seek bar). I’m not noticing any actual stuttering or issues with the subtitles (that I can tell), but the number on the rendering statistics increases. It’s very random and sometimes doesn’t happen at all. On average I’m getting around 2 glitches during playback at random times throughout the playback.
    Is there a setting I should roll back or is this nothing to worry about?

    • Going back to my setup, I realized that the “Subtitle Renderer” is defaulted to Internal Subtitle Renderer and I changed it to Xysubfilter. When I changed it back to default, I got through the whole video mentioned above without any presentation glitches during playback.

      I also was able to play a very difficult scene with heavy typesetting on episode 5 of GJM’s Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na! (around the 16:30ish mark) fine. When I tried that scene using Xysubfilter, I had very noticeable stuttering and around 300 dropped frames.

      Was I supposed to have kept “Internal Subtitle Renderer” as the renderer on this whole time?

  3. Just upgraded to an Nvidia 1650 from a 970. A few interesting things with the latest LAV install:

    1) For HDR to work properly in MadVR, needed to enable DirectX 11 in MadVR settings
    2) For bitstreaming, needed to enable “exclusive mode” in internal filters in MPC-HC. Not needed previously. This was despite making sure bitstreaming showed up in Control Panel and was enabled in LAV Audio. Bitstreaming worked with VLC. Not sure why the additional ‘exclusive mode’ was needed.

    Everything is working great now.

  4. Does AssFilterMod not play well with MPC-HC or is there a reason I shouldn’t use it?

    It was the only subtitle renderer that didn’t lag on heavily stylized and typesetting in a recent GJM release for me, thanks for your help.

  5. When I installed Lav Filters Megamix the default subtitle renderer in MPC-HC was the internal one and not AssFilter, is that intended?

    Changing AssFilterMod and AssFilterModAutoLoad from blocked to prefer in the External Filters options and changing the Subtitle renderer to AssFilter got it all working in the end

  6. Any suggestions on how to configure madVR? I mainly use it to watch 720p anime, rarely 1080p anime, and even more rarely 1080p movies.

    Here are my specs:

    I have 8gb DDR4 RAM and I use two displays: Dell SE2216H (my main one) and LG Electronics 20EN33.

    Thanks in advance.

      • Thanks, that’s what I imagined. Even though I can run the mid-range preset (albeit with some settings toned down), my GPU is constantly at 93~97%, and I don’t know if that’s gonna affect it’s health.

  7. https://github.com/clsid2/mpc-hc/releases

    Changes from 1.8.8 to 1.9.0:


    Updated LAV Filters to v0.74.1-31-ge94f9


    Added a dark theme option for the GUI. You can enable it through: Menu > View > Dark theme
    The dark theme also has a more modern looking seekbar. You can adjust seekbar height in: Options > Advanced
    Added option for vertical alignment of the video. This for example allows you to have a black bar only below the video.
    Added support for playing contents of uncompressed RAR5 archives. Previously only RAR4 was supported.
    Added manual search functionality to the subtitle download results window.
    Improved positioning of PGS subtitles
    Some optimizations for subtitle texture size. This should improve performance on systems with multiple screens. And also reduce GPU memory usage.
    Added column sorting and a search/filter option to the keybindings options page.
    The supported languages of the OpenSubtitles/SubDB subtitle providers are now hardcoded, so the player no longer needs to connect to the Internet each time the subtitle options page is viewed.
    Reloading a stream with CTRL+E will now call youtube-dl again to get a fresh URL.
    Added basic support for MPC Video Renderer (https://github.com/Aleksoid1978/VideoRenderer). What currently works with this new renderer is: Hardware decoding, Subtitles, and Pan&Scan. What not yet works is: OSD, Rotation, and Shaders. That will be added in a future update.


    Crash when detaching a (cloned) monitor during playback.
    D3D exclusive not working anymore when transitioning to fullscreen a second time.
    Restored window size was sometimes wrong due to DPI settings
    Workaround for Intel driver bug where Brightness and Hue values of -100 are unsupported.

    1 commit to develop since this release: fix memory leaks with mp3 coverart (CMPCPngImage)

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