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  1. Probably not the best place to ask this, but is there anyway to setup MPC-HC or LAV to switch to a backup font for cases when primary font doesn’t have a character defined? Once in a while I’ll come across a character in subs that isn’t supported by the font and get a .notdef glyph in its place. The solution is to set a default font that supports the character in question and enabling Default Styles, but I don’t like keeping Default Styles enabled and won’t know if there’s a non-supported character until I come across it.

    The most recent case here is Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjou Arui wa Sekai ga Hajimaru Seisen – 01 release from Erai-raws (also happens in the [SubsPlease] release). Their font is OpenSans-Semibold and the character in question is U+266C character (♬). Of course it works in VLC, but that’s because VLC switches to a backup font.

    • Ok, I have downloaded the erai-raws release, and the first 30 seconds makes my skin crawls with cringe. I am not watching the whole episode to find out where in the timeline the problem you mentioned happens, just tell me at what point of time the problem happens.

      • Sorry. I don’t actually watch that particular show myself, I was just using it as an example because it was the most prominent recent example and have been troubleshooting it myself.

        The issue was at 21:22 – 21:26.

        • good bye azel

          The best way to solve the problem is to change the subtitle renderer. Above is what you get with AssFilterMod. XySubFilter doesn’t work either.

          • Interesting. AssFilterMod doesn’t even render subs at all for me though. Guess I’ll just stick to using a default style when it comes up.

            • If you want to use AssFilterMod in MPC-HC, you need to:-

              1. Change the subtitle renderer in ‘Playback —> Output’ section.
              2. Unblock the two AssFilterMod entries at ‘External Filters’ section.
              3. Then, also in ‘External Filters’ section, add the two ‘XySubFilter’ entries BELOW the two AssFilterMod entries, and do not block them.
              • Is AssFilterMod any better than the internal renderer or is just in this case? The ISR so far has worked better for me and is sort of still being developed under clsid.

                • I should correct myself and say the ISR has worked well for me so far and a lot better than XuSubfilter. I haven’t tried AssFilterMod, but I’ll give it go.

                  • In the case of MPC-HC,yes the ISR is better than AssSubFilter. It is just in corner cases like the one you bring up, libass is better.

                    • I see. Thanks. Unfortunately Funi has decided to use that ♬ character for any show with insert songs this season. Well I don’t know if it started this season, but I never had issues with the musical note characters I’ve encountered in their releases in the past.

  2. Hi,-
    After updating to the latest version (20 August 2020 10:20pm UTC+8. Build: 7b4500dc4e), the option ‘Add to playlist’ is gone from context menu. If I enable both (files and directory) I can only add directories. Is this something with the build or on my end?

          • Um, my bad, looks like I linked the sequel in Nyaa by mistake. I’m having similar issues with the Kara in that one too, though.

            File for the Nyaa link: [FFF] Noragami Aragoto – OP01 [BD][720p-AAC][4F093924].mkv

            File for BBT: [FFF] Noragami – OP01 [BD][720p-AAC][A20BEB8B].mkv59.1 MB

            • Ok, no matter how I look at this, I can’t seem to replicate the problem. Plus, I don’t think we have the same file even. The bottom lyrics in your picture are in romaji while in mine it is English.

              • Would you mind telling me which file you’re testing with?

                If you’re not seeing the romaji at all, then it’s possible that yours is completely off screen. If you open the file on Aegisub, you should see romaji in the text.

                Here’s what I pulled from the OP file in the Nyaa link. https://i.imgur.com/tBr5qWT.png

                  • Oh, I thought you were implying they weren’t there at all. My bad.

                    In my screenshot, the outline of the kara is on the top, but part of it splits off into the bottom and overlaps the translation. I think it was meant to align with the kara in the top area.

                    Looks like I was able to fix the issue, though. Initially, I tried doing a quick reinstall of the LAV filters, but it wouldn’t fix the issue. After seeing yours load properly, I decided to just do a complete uninstall and reset everything. Seems to be working fine, now.

                    I was thinking the subs might not have been compatible with whatever was rendering them and thought I might need to tweak something in the settings. Turns out that wasn’t the case, lol.

                    Sorry for the mix-up, and thanks for the help!

              • Also, not sure if monitor resolution would further displace the subs or whatever, but I’m watching this on a 1440p monitor.

  3. Is it normal to get 1 presentation glitch when opening certain releases and/or getting getting 1 presentation glitch when seeking (sometimes) if you have “use Direct3D 11 for presentation enabled” in madvr? I’ve narrowed it down to this option specifically. I haven’t narrowed it down to any specific releases, but it seems to happen to most except Erai-raws releases. I also get presentation glitches when entering or exiting fullscreen.

    I have yet to notice any presentation glitches or any visual issues during continuous playback though. But I’m curious if my setup should actually have this enabled.

    Windows 8.1
    i7-6700K 4GHz
    GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

    I initially installed using the mid-tier preset then mostly followed the madvr config guide. “delay playback start until render queue is full” and “delay playback start after seeking” are both enabled

          • Using fullscreen exclusive mode increases the amount of dropped frames during the transition to/from fullscreen, but stops presentation glitches when entering or exiting fullscreen. However it doesn’t do anything for the presentation glitch when opening a file or the occasional ones when seeking.

            I haven’t watched a lot of shows recently, so I’m still monitoring to see if there are any presentation glitches during continuous playback or actual noticeable visual issues during playback. It may be a non-issue. To be honest, I wasn’t even using “Direct3D 11 for presentation” up until recently when I noticed it wasn’t enabled. To be more honest, I’m still not sure if I notice a difference with it on or off.

  4. I’m building a new AMD desktop, for graphics thou I wonder if I should go for an NVIDIA GTX 1660 SUPER or an AMD RX 5600 XT ? I will be watching lots of 1080p stuff and I have a 144hz monitor.

  5. I notice the installer defaults to “disable madvr and set evr-cp” is this recommended only for low end pc’s or is it a good replacement for madvr?

  6. I noticed this is geared towards desktops, is there any recommendation for laptops? Or should I just try the different modes and see what works best?

    I switched to a new laptop and was looking into improving the resolution of what I watch now that I can (last device was over 6 years old). I was using MPC-BE before, but the new laptop has an Intel i7 10510U and an Nvidia MX250 so there’s headroom for better rendering or video decoding (no 24p to 60p smooth video kind of interpolation probably, but still) and I don’t mind switching to another player.

    What I watch I’d say is a mix of regular film and anime, max I have around is 10-bit 1080p H.264 and H.265 encodes. I don’t plan on getting any higher than that because I’ll be watching either in the laptop’s screen or a 1080p monitor.

    • With that laptop, you probably can get away with using software decoding and also madVR’s high-end preset.

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