4,008 comments on “Watching H.264 (and other) videos using Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) or DXVA2 (DirectX Video Acceleration) native/renderless or Intel QuickSync Decoder or high performance software decoding

  1. Ay, I just wanted to say thanks for the guide. Even when I don’t use the installer, everything is easy to do manually.

  2. Hi~ I’m having some problems with Vega56 doing decoding with D3D11 native in Lav. It stutters pretty bad. This doesn’t happen with my RX480 in the same setting. Any ideas?

    • I have tried both Potplayer and Mpc. It doesn’t help. The working environment is Win10 64bit and the package I use is the 64-bit version. Thank you.

        • I’ve tried but it didn’t help and the rendering time increased a little after I did that. With D3D11 copy-back, everything works perfectly.

            • Tried that already. Didn’t work, too. Someone says he has the same problem with Vega56 playing ENB(I don’t know what this stands for) and doubts it may have something to do with d3d11.dll as his rx470 works perfectly, too. According to him, this problem may go away after the bios of Vega56 being flashed with that of Vega64. I do not want to do this as there is risk.

                • Nope. The DXVA2(Native) works perfectly. The AMD Windows 10 drivers I use is 18.9.3 WHQL version. Personally, I think maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with the LAV decoder. However, I can’t find anything related to this problem in Doom9 forum.

                  • I believe it is the drivers problem in Windows 10 instead of LAV FIlters. If it the latter, other people with different hardware would have noticed it too. As of now, you have to stick with DXVA native then.

                    • Yeah. Seems like that. Or, I can still use my RX480 for a while ^^ Just what a waste I bought a new Seasonic Prime Gold 1300W for Vega. –– Thank you Ranpha.

                    • Windows 8.1 is the first choice when it comes to Madvr but it means extra money as I don’t have one at the moment.

                    • Problem solved!!! I just flashed the bios of my Vega56 to Vega64 and did a clean installation of the driver. Now everything works perfectly with D3D11(native)!

  3. Is it not possible to get sustained 60FPS playback with the high-end preset on a GTX1080 and i5-7600? Some videoes dipped to around 20+ fps

  4. Thank for you job, i used you pack for long long time. but after update i have problem with movie 3D i lose possibly to watch movie why ? Ofc enabled H.264 MVC3D decoder and intaled OpenCodecSetup64. where is a problem or where i can find old version ?

    My gear:
    WIN 10
    i5 K4690K

  5. hi there, thanks for your efforts. Your last releases seem NOT to include updated mpc-hc nor potplayer, have you had trouble making slim versions? (NOT criticizing, just asking :) )

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