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  1. Hello Folks,

    im pretty new to this, so i need just a little help (even with that nice pictured tutorial)
    my specs are:
    CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-6700K Prozessor
    GPU: nVidia GeForce GTX 1080Ti
    (im using a projector watching my movies -> Vivitek H1188)

    my 2 questions are:
    1. which is the right method for me? (1-5)
    2. how should i adjust the madVR? which scaling algorithms should i use
    -> i just watch “normal” movies, no animation

    thanks in advance!


  2. Hi. Starting from some version I’ve noticed that by default all filters are enabled in MPC-HC, thus almost none of video containers are handled by LAV Splitter. They are decoded with LAV Video & Audio, but not handled by LAV Splitter. Is it intended or am I having a glitch or something? For now I have to uncheck all formats in MPC-HC in order for them to be handled by LAV Splitter.

    • P. S. LAV Splitter is only used when I uncheck all Source Filters in MPC-HC. Otherwise it’s not used. But Transform Filters are working with LAV when checked. Weird.

  3. i have
    monitor 1: vizio p55-f1 hdr 4ktv connected to nvidia gtx 1060 6gb
    monitor 2: aoc e2752vh 1080p 27in monitor connected to nvidia gtx 730 2gb
    i7-6700 skylake 1151 with integrated intel hd 530 gpu
    24 gb ram
    windows 10

    was using potplayer but after reading more info online maybe mpc sounds like the better option. since i have nvidia gpu is setting the lav video decoder best to use cuvid? or is it best to select none and to use software decoding. or what would be my best option for quality/performance.
    can or should i dedicate my cpu ram to be used for playing videos or does it do it automatically?

    do you think its best to leave each monitor connected to a different gpu or would it be better to have them both connected to the gtx 1060. the second monitor ive just been using with vlc player and its default settings. was thinking i should use madvr/potplayer/gtx 1060 and monitor 2 evr-cp/mpc/gtx 730. please let me know if you have any recomendations for highest possible quality playback for both monitors. the gtx730 isnt very good and cant handle much without skipping/freezing issues

  4. MPC-HC Changes from 1.8.6 to 1.8.7:

    Updated LAV Filters to v0.74.1-20-gc76c1
    Updated MediaInfo DLL to v19.07

    Added option for looping folder when playing next/previous file
    Added option for specifying the preferred video format when selecting a stream from Youtube-DL results
    Global Media Keys option is now disabled by default on Windows 10, because Windows sends a Play/Pause event in certain cases (e.g. when notifications appear).
    A few other minor changes

    DVD region code bypass didn’t always work

  5. I have one question. I want to buy laptop and plug in external computer monitor 1080p. Which graphics card should I choose to watch films in full HD resolution?

  6. For HDR display users – enable HDR Passthrough. In MadVR, enable Direct3D 11, otherwise HDR movies may look washed out on your HDR display. Ranpha, could you add that to the following section in your guide?

    “Enable the ‘use Direct3D 11 for presentation (Windows 7 or newer)’ option if you have the suitable GPU + OS combo. Also enable the ‘present a frame for every V-Sync’ option too. Leave the ‘use alternative glitch handling mode’ for troubleshooting purposes or if you have high refresh rate displays.”

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