111 comments on “ffdshow post-processing & high-resolution soft-subs for anime materials

  1. Hey, I’m getting some skipped frames using your most recent guide:

    1080 GTX
    2500K @ 4.5GHZ
    8GB 1866MHZ RAM
    1TB 850 Samsung EVO SSD
    W7 64-bit

    8-bit-IPS, 2560x1440p monitor.

    Watching a 1080p anime download, a rather tame one – not alot going on, I am getting more skipped frames than any before. Another show I watched had some as well – but only like…5 the entire time. This one has like 50 by the end of it, and it’s easy to notice. Only when full screen or when I jump ahead.

      • It is configured exactly as your guide shows, I figured my GPU was strong enough for it. I see 90% maximum GPU usage during a 1080p video. NNEID3 and whatnot.

            • I have no idea then, maybe you can try installing the latest version of the installer above, then choose the high-end preset instead of using the configuration at the madVR page, plus also use software decoding and see if the problem still happens?

              Also make sure that your GPU core and memory clocks has risen to the maximum when measuring GPU usage.

              • They have. I was using Software decoding mode. I switched to the NVIDIA CUID one and I see less frame drops, like 19 instead of 50. So it’s related. I notice my videos frame-rate sometimes goes below my refresh rate of 110HZ, is that related?

  2. Do ffdshow post-processing can be used with 64bit version? because when I enable aWarpSharp in ffdshow raw video filter nothing happens.

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