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  1. But I will give this anime credit where its due. I find myself watching it consistently, despite what I said prior. The anime captivates me and draws me in fr some unknown reason. I was a little disappointed how even Zed’s own mother aimed to go after him, even going so far as to try and poison him. Why is it no one else had such an extreme desire fr the spirits, to the point of exhaustion and eventually death? And what was with the tentacles that came out of her shard-generation point? I would’ve also been more pleased if there were only 3-4 key spirits, not 6. By the end, it seemed everyone had a key spirit at one point or another: dead, alive or otherwise. I prefer an anime where the hero has trouble fighting off his foes, not ones that suffer from Gundam disorder where they have a ‘super mech’ and can slice through swaths of enemies, despite their lesser skills. Maybe I should try taking this anime with a spoon of sugar and give it another try.

  2. I’m sorry, but Kiba seemed like an anime of random-out of the blue plot points. I got a little sick when the fourth important character died off. It suffered from chronic ‘Don’t love the characters’ disease, because in the end, only three of them won’t die or become evil. It got a little bad when friends were killing friend. Although, I did like their comments on governments, with Neotopia as a Dictatorship, Templar as a Democracy, Zeimo as a Communistic Gov and Tusk as a Militaristic. It was a nice comment on the different governmental systems, but the anime as a whole failed to meet up to expectations. Oh and on a side note; Bakugan! Brawl!

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