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  1. I honestly took this more as a slice of life series.. hahah. It took me a bit to get through all 52 episodes. They weren’t particularly bad, but I didn’t find the series laugh out loud funny for the most part. I understood most of the references but still just was not amused. Even after 52 episodes, I can remember the first and last time I laughed out loud… it was during one of the first few episodes, the halfway mark where random characters say random things.. Santa pops up and says “Suki” all seductively. That was about it. The rest of it I watched hoping to see more Hinagiku. As far as a “comedy”, for me, this doesn’t even belong on the same list as Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Cromartie High School, but I will watch the second series and possibly pick up the manga to pass the time, as it is moderately entertaining as a fluff series.

  2. This anime is really good even though the story doesn’t move but it was replaced with funny scene. which the whole point of this anime was that but it seems like you lack the sense of humor. I say a person who enjoys funny anime would like this. This review is poor just because you were disappointed about it and didn’t see the good side of it and made the whole thing bad

    • If I want to see a purely storyless humor-only anime with plenty of references to other anime/manga/TV shows etc, I will rather recommend Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu or Cromartie Koukou or even Lucky Star. Each of them are so much better than this anime that has crappy humor in comparison without any storyline to back it up. Hale Nochi Guu did not have a good general storyline either, but the humor is first class, which more than compensates for it.

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