2 comments on “Review: Tytania (タイタニア)

  1. @sanjay

    There are many other people who shared Liraa’s desire to see a Tytania-free world. But he listened to her and not others. Wonder why?
    You have to take into account that Fan Hyulick himself doesn’t seem to really mind Tytania’s atrocities for a very considerable time after Battle of Cerberus, even when many other people (inclusive Lira too) disagree with him.

  2. Nicely summed up; though I kinda disagree with you on one point. The reason Fan turned against Tytania was not because of Lira’s death but because of the reason she gave up her life for. She desired to see a world “without Tytania” which in short meant a world without the power hungry megalomaniacs.

    BTW, looking forward to the next season [hope there is one…]

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