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  1. This anime was my favorite, I loved watching every episode. The show did lack character development but that didn’t stop me from liking it. I personally loved both the op and Ed but that’s just me. There were some funny parts and really sad parts. I felt that it had the right amount of funny, sadness slice of life and romance. But I think your rating was perfect for the show.

  2. I’m glad I’ve finally found someone else who wasn’t a fan of this show. I haven’t managed to finish it yet (I got stalled after Episode 7), but I definitely feel the lack of character development. During the sob stories, they might have some really interesting backgrounds, but it doesn’t seem like much comes of it (or they just disappear right after). I might have to push through to Episode 10 just to see the new version of Fuko (since Clannad is amazing *points to link in name*), and then I might have to see just how bad the ending is.
    I think I’d agree with zzeroparticle, though: I was a fan of the ending. Especially when it was used for people’s heads getting rocketed into the ceiling. There were also a couple enjoyable moments, like “Get chance and luck!” and the clothespin speech. But overall, even though I haven’t finished it, I’d agree that it’s just not as good as most of the hype says. I guess it goes to show that even Jun Maeda isn’t perfect…

  3. Didn’t like the OP or the ED? I could see the OP not being a huge seller, but I do like the ED theme for its quiet poignancy that it exudes.

    Will agree that the inserts are terrible though.

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