One comment on “Review: B gata H kei (B型H系)

  1. Your review was very detailed and went into a lot of the aspects of the anime that I don’t really pay attention to. ^_^

    But as for me, even though I don’t have nearly the anime-watching experience as you do, I have to say that B Gata H Kei was my all-time favorite series. When I compare it to other similar titles I’ve watched like Kiss x Sis, Ore No Imuoto, and Onii-Chan No Koto, this one stands up head and shoulders above them.

    While you make Kosuda to be a weak point in the series, I think it’s quite the opposite. Kosuda played the role he was meant to: to represent the wallflower guys out there. The series focuses on a lot of mature themes, such as relationship dynamics, the importance of communication in relationships, and the differing psychology between men and women in the same situation. The backdrop of it was the story of Yamada trying to achieve her high school goal of having 100 sexual partners. Sure, you could predict what was going to happen most of the time, but they put in some great comedy scenes to make the predictability easier to take.

    I completely agree that Yamada made the series, though. Her voice acting, her eccentric personality, and her character just elevated the series to a higher level. Without Yamada, I think the whole thing would have broken apart.

    Of course it took me a couple of viewings and some careful thought during work, but the overall value of the series was there for me. I’d totally buy a subbed version of it, but finding this kind of series in the U.S. (that works on an Region 1 player) is very difficult. Thank you very much for the review and happy viewing!

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