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  1. Well, this is my first post here…so, yeah, hello !

    Overall, I agree with your review. You got most of your stuff right. Especially about comparing Tatsumi’s style (on and off the pitch) with Murinho. The overall rating was spot on too.

    However, I found these a little bugging:
    1. Screenshots posted in high resolution took a while to load.
    2. 3-6-1 is NOT Dalgish style. They play 4-5-1.
    3. I don’t believe the sports handicap applies here. Over at MyAnimeList forums and reviews, you could see lots of people that felt that this was a superb anime, even though they dont really know anything about football.
    4. And finally, docking off a point for animation?!? It was one 2010’s best animations IMO.It is really hard to animate a sports anime, especially football, without frame recycling (you’ll understand why if you check out Captain Tsubasa and Hungry Heart Wild Striker). Sure, the ball’s CGI was a bit off, but it was still pretty smooth and never felt clunky anywhere.

    But, hey, that’s just my opinion, man. Hope I didn’t come across as a fanboy noob or something. I rated this one a 8/10 too.

    I think I’ll be visiting this blog more often. I like it ^^

    • 1. MPC-HC saved the scdreenshots that way, and I am lazy to resize them.

      2. In the early part of his current reign, Kenny Dalglish likes to play with 3 center backs, 2 marauding wing backs supporting the 4 midfielders more than the defence and one striker (especially when Gerrard isn’t around). Only after a few matches, did he uses 4 people on the backline.

      3. The sport genre handicap is unique in this blog only. Here, anime titles that falls into either the romance genre (like Winter Sonata) or the sport genre (like this one) or both (like Cross Game) are judged to a higher standard than, let say, slice-of-life/comedy/shoujo anime titles. Therefore, if a normal action anime title managed an 8 out of 10 score, a romance/sport titles with comparable storyline (in quality) will only get 6 out of 10 score. That doesn’t prevent the likes of One Outs and Akagi from getting a perfect score of 10 out of 10 here though, therefore the storyline for a sport anime title simply has to be exceptional to get it.

      4. I hate that blurry animation technique. I can accept scene recycling (seems to be rare though nowadays), but not that nauseating attempts at doing motion interpolation. I haven’t watched the the two titles you have mentioned, but if the likes of Ookiku Furikabutte, Over Drive, Cross Game or Aoki Densetsu Shoot get by without using the said animation technique, why can’t this anime do so? The general animation quality itself isn’t bad, and the mismatched integration of CGI and 2D animations is not worth penalizing this anime over, unlike that failed motion interpolation thingy.

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