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  1. FYI “Miss Anakin” actually cames back in the last story arc of the manga and her role is significant.
    I disagree with your criticism about the Ga-Rei Zero anime being different from the manga. Many anime adaptations make things different from their corresponding manga to avoid boring the readers.
    I think that Ga-Rei Zero should be reviewed on its own and not as an advertisement for the manga.
    As a standalone I think it’s a very good piece of animation with many emotional scenes. I would rate it 8/10.

    • So, the manga pulled a Blassreiter/DBZ and revived her later in the series (pretends to be surprised). So, after she was revived, her role is then to help the main female protagonist then?

      It is very hard to review Ga Rei Zero as a standalone product considering that this anime is a prequel. And the ending screams ‘Read the manga NOW’ or something like that. I do admit that this anime is quite decent if watched stand-alone, by the ending do entice you to read the manga. This anime is not something like Midori no Hibi or Ai Yori Aoshi, which anime adaptations are clearly advertisements to entice the watchers to read the manga versions.

      If this anime is actually the adaptation of the manga, instead of being a prequel, highly likely I won’t bother with them manga at all.

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