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  1. Charlotte’s arc was the only one I liked in this show; watching everything else was just for laughs. What other show has girls doing complete 180s from wanting to blow the hell out of him to just wanting to blow him.

    You think that with a few changes to Charlotte’s arc (including the German’s/CeceCup’s 180, the way Char enrolled, and, well, what pretty much ended her arc) that this show could’ve completely been based around Charlotte’s arc? I thought the story for her was a nice change in terms of romances and would’ve made an interesting show alone if expanded, and made those fixes.

    • What I don’t like about this anime is the lack of plots. It would have been nice if the show focused more on the main male protagonist and has some ‘save the world’ plot or something like that.

      • The show wasn’t supposed to be about plot as much as it was supposed to be about “How do we get this guy to have every single girl after him.” (pulling in the harem/romance market) while simultaneously pulling in the Mecha market by just loosely putting Mechas in the show and pretty much treat them as something that only enhances their combat skills but can also gives an excuse for characters to pull off Deus ex Machinas.

        • There are better mecha titles out there that has harems too like Dual! and also Kurogane no Linebarrels (childhood friend here doesn’t win for example). Those two titles has plots. Not exactly good ones, but at least they have one, that actually involves a lot of mecha piloting. This anime doesn’t have one. Too much harem romance and too less mecha battles.

          • Well, they did it for the money, that’s for sure. Did you ever go on pixiv during the time it was airing? There was at least one IS related pic in the Top 50 (especially around the time Charlotte’s arc was around). As I said, it was meant to attract the attention of two very different but rabid parties; not exactly to actually make something worthwhile (though some would argue that money is worthwhile).

            The amount of doujins for that show probably is a testament to how it probably worked out for them.

            • Well,if they want to attract audiences that likes harem titles and another that likes mecha, I don’t think this anime does well to attract the latter. I like mecha more than harem, and this anime does poorly for the former. If other titles can balance between these two genres easily, why can’t Infinite Stratos does then?

              I don’t really sites like pixiv or places like 4chan though (my ISP is banned at the latter) so I don’t really look at their trends.

              • IS is a cashcow, and since when did producers ever work hard when it comes to cashcows?

                And the pixiv thing was just an example. 4chan’s pretty unrelated to pixiv, just saying. pixiv is a Japanese site akin to deviantart (though the amount of talent on pixiv I’d say is much better than dA). 4chan is an image message board inspired by a Japanese site (being 2ch). Just clearing that up, because it’d break my heart to see pixiv associated with a site that’s pretty much become a troll site.

                • Precure is a good example of a good cashcow title, so popular the producers doesn’t even hurry at making Blu-rays. Infinite Stratos cannot be called a double-purpose cashcow if it only target harem lovers.

                  • I guess “cashcow” was wrong. I guess it’s just “One of those shows that they just did for the lulz and may or may not have been for money”

                    I honestly can’t see what else they were trying to go for with this show if it wasn’t purely for cash. If they were trying to be serious with this show, then god help the anime industry (or at least the guys that produced this show) because they’re slipping.

                    Side note: Surprisingly, this show was made by a company that worked on some of the Macross movies. Interesting to see what those guys are doing now.

    • charlotte’s arc was very entertaining but the ending was horrible. what i cant seem to get is that why would the auther put the main caracter with a girl who thinks she’s all that and does nothing but complain and hurt the main caracter with jelousy insted of the one thats respects and helps in time of need. and im not speaking about this one only what is wrong with anime were atlest 60% ends up with the wrong person just because she’s the childhood-friend.

  2. Not really the best anime that I’ve ever watched. It had solid art, so it was a reasonable watch. Just not something I would place in my “must-watch” list any time soon.

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