7 comments on “Review: The World God Only Knows II (神のみぞ知るセカイⅡ)

  1. Come on, Its not easy to make an animation. You need to consider that making an animation takes up a lot of time and effort. Can you dedicated yourself into making a 12 episode series within a short period of time flawlessly? The main focus of your review should always be on how different is the anime from the manga and story or plot etc. Blaming things like animation is just harsh.

  2. From the way you were talking about it and plus the blurry animation crap, I was thinking you’d give this a 5.

    And I fear no series is safe from the dreaded blur. I was watching Maria Holic Alive and noticed that there was some blurry animation there as well, which is pretty troubling considering this is Shaft we’re dealing with.

    • Without the blurry animation this would have been a 7 out of 10. You can apply that formula to any other titles that has the blurry animation technique tag applies to it. This means Oniichan would have been 7 out of 10 too, Infinite Stratos would have been 6 out of 10 bla bla bla. One thing for sure, those titles that employs this animation technique will never get a perfect score, no matter how good that title is, no matter how revolutionary it is and no matter how awesome it can be. That how much I don’t like that animation technique. It was used incorrectly 99% of the time.

      • Well, I realize, and what I was saying is that it would’ve gotten a 6 out of 10 without the blurry animation subtraction. Most of the time throughout the review, you were saying that it was worse than its predecessor, and since the last got a 7 out of 10, it’s fitting that this would’ve a 6 out of 10 (w/o blurry animation blah).

        I understand this would’ve gotten a 7/10 w/o blur, but the way you were putting it, it sounded like it was going to get a 6/10 w/o blur.

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