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  1. I agree about the part of the female heroine not having much development or role. I also think out of most females introduced in this series the lead is quite flat.

    I find that the flow and pacing of this anime was botched compared to the novels which Ive read. I feel that episode 3 is really out of place as I think this would have been better as a flashback at a later point in the story, as is done in the novels. In the anime its like “THERE! Lets explain our protagonist’s motivations and persona first before we do present ANYTHING about the story.”

    Also episode 2 never happened in the book. They first met when she scolded him for sleeping. It seems they’re forcing some sort of “destiny thing there.”

  2. How is the romance is Accel World better? A little pathetic boy with no self-esteem who’s completely obsessed with the “perfect” girl. And it doesn’t get much better as the show progresses. Unoriginal and uninspiring.
    The romance in SWO is pretty good for the genre.

    • That fat-ass guy at least values his friendship as much, if not more, than his relationship with the girl. Not exactly an obsessive person if you ask me. At least better of course than the stoic Squall Leonhartmain male protagonist of this anime.

      • Awesome hero over wimpy fatass with low self-esteem anyday.
        Male-female “friendship” is a paradoxical concept to begin with.

        • He would have been a great character if he isn’t in a relationship. Unfortunately, he is trapped in a particularly bad romantic fling, just like Squall Leonhart is.

      • Tsk, I’ve seen plenty of “proper” romance anime as that’s one of my favourite genres. And seriously, Naruto? It seems to me like your desire to go against the grain distorted your perception of this anime.

        • If you really are well-versed in romance genre titles, which alongside sport anime titles are two of my favorite genres (that’s why I always put handicaps on titles on those two genres), then you should be able to see how stinky the romance in this anime is. Definitely the single negative point that drags this anime down. Romance in titles like Winter Sonata or Clannad are much better than this one, and so are romance sub-plots in non-romance anime titles like Kenshin or Durarara or even Accel World. And Naruto. That’s how bad romance in this anime is, and if this anime doesn;t have it, this anime should at least equals Accel World, if not more.

          The next anime title I’m going to review here, which is also an action title, has a vastly superior ‘tunnel-vision romance’ focus that this anime also has, although of course it has other problems in it.

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