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The commercial break intro with (surprise surprise) the main male protagonist.

AIR is my first review for this month, an anime based on a dating simulation game. It is surprisingly very good, read on for my mini-review of this anime in all of its versions.

A handsome guy who is on a journey to find a girl that can fly find himself penniless at a random city. There he befriended a girl who claims that her other self is the person he is looking for. He then lives with her as he works part-time while meeting more hot girls (what do you expect from a H-game-based anime anyway).

For a game-based anime, the story is good. It is similar to Higurashi no Naru Koro ni without all the grotesque murders, and better too. The anime has some problems with flow between scenes, usually between episodes. The ending is spectacular, although it can be a little difficult to understand.

For the characters, the main female protagonist is awesome. Paired with the decent story this anime has, it is what makes this anime very good. Character development is good at least for the characters that matters. Generally the story part of this anime did not have any major flaws that I can complain. There is nothing I can say about the OVA and movie, which only elaborates the story in the TV version.

While not in bird form, he is seen hitting on beautiful girls so that he can do what his counterpart in the game version does.

Character Design:-
It comes straight out from your typical H-game. Black hair is out while all colours in the rainbow come in. And so are your typical big eyes and impossible body curves and big boobies.

Voice acting:-
Pretty decent, especially the female protagonist and a couple of the other female beauties. That’s about it.

The OP theme is good, but the OST is probably composed with variations of the OP theme only. The ED theme is forgettable.

The animation is superb, even in the fast-paced scenes. Action scenes (whatever the little this anime have) are choreographed well too. Directing is flawless except for the scene transitions I mentioned above.

9 out of 10.
Hani Hani Operation Sanctuary (incidentally the worst rated anime I reviewed here) should take note.

Here, he is trying his luck doing it with 3 girls at once.