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The dialogue that started everything. Eventually he is able to have his way with her at the end. Persistence really pay off you know!

This time it takes me only a day to finish and able to review another 2007 anime, in face of the current title holder Nodame Cantabile. Here is my mini-review of CODE-E. If you wonder where the hell Myself Yourself review is, this is because it seems that that anime seems to suck and I will delay its review to a later date.

A female high school student that can emit EM waves was being hounded down by a science freak who wants to ‘examine’ her body in the name of science. Throughout the series she was stalked by him, and that’s about it for the 12-episode run, as she eventually succumbed and gives way to his nasty desires.

Actually the series started very strongly for about 3 or 4 episodes before going downhill towards the end of the series. I can’t really make up the ending, whether there will be a second season or not (moving note: there is). If there is none, then the finale is really f*cked-up. If there will be a second season, then the finale seems to be hurried up. Probably the series can do with an extra episode or so.

I will also want to complain about some big plot holes too, an example will be how Saihashi Yuma tells Sonomi Kujo about Ebihara Chinami losing her powers, despite the fact Kujo do not really know Saihashi well. Plus, Kujo does not seem to suspect why Saihashi knows that fact. It seems that off-screen, these two has become closer without being explained to the audience.

So true. I think he is doing well with his joke attempt but those Japanese high school girls has been indoctrinated with low quality Japan TV.

Character Design:-
A positive point of the anime, the character design is best described as ‘believable’. The two main protagonists was designed in the way that fits their roles perfectly, and to a certain extent did not conform to the usual rules of the shoujo genre this anime is. Other characters are good too, especially Sonomi Kujo.

Voice Acting:-
Mixed bag overall, but I like Sonomi Kujo voice as she was outstanding. Regrettably, the two main protagonist voices are just average, even the 2 blonde antagonists is better.

Just like Zero no Tsukaima, the OST is good but the OP/ED themes are forgettable.

Probably the first 2007 anime I watched that has average animation quality. Frame skips are noticeable even in average-speed scenes. With explosions being the only thing that can be described as action scenes, there are no comments about choreography. About the directing, it is decent except for the plot holes explained above.

7 out of 10.
If only the story can keep its great start, it will score higher. Nodame can breath a sigh of relief here.

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