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The hero eating his snack.

Today is a review of another oldies I found at TokyoTosho, titled Eat-man 98. Watching this to wait until the Legend of Galactic Heroes download to be finished.

A sequel to an anime I haven’t watched, basically this story is just about a mercenary with Saikano powers, only stronger IMHO and also less emo, who travels around the world doing his own thing. And that’s about it.

With story arcs that are so thin, without backing of a good presentation, this series relied heavily on the coolness factor of the main character. There is nothing really I can say more in this section.

Character Design:-
The main character Hellsing-esque design is great, while the side-characters design is mixed bag.

Voice acting:-
Not so many lines from our almost-silent hero, but from what I can hear, it is pretty decent. Others are the same I guess.

The OST is great, but the themes are not. The OST really fits the various scenes in the anime, especially of dramatic scenes and of course the action ones.

The animation is decent I think, but the direction failed in couple of points. The dark scenes more often than not annoy me, because plenty of times major loss of details happened. Plus while the action choreography are decent, some of the scenes makes me say “WTF” even with my normal suspension of belief.

6 out of 10.
The hero saves the day really from a lower rating. I am going off to read the manga version, which supposed to be better as I wait for the Legend of Galactic Heroes to finish downloading.

One of the many reactions of people watching the hero having his snack.