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No animals were harmed in the making of this anime.

A random anime I downloaded from KAA website, today will be a review of Kino no Tabi.

This anime is similar with Eatman 98 in plenty of ways, only that this anime’s protagonist isn’t as cool as Bolt Crank and the stories isn’t as good. This anime has some witty one liners and humorous questions and answers though. There are no elaborate plots with many of the episodes are just different chapters of Kino’s journey.

Character Design:-
The characters here are designed with more mature audiences in mind, almost the way Nodame Cantabile is. But they are wholly average at best.

Voice acting:-
IMO Kino and Hermes has pretty good voice actors and fits the characters very well. Nothing really to complain here with almost all of the other characters doing well.

The OP theme is decent but the ED is not while the OST is almost non-existant.

The good point of the series. Animation is fluid even in action scenes and were choreographed very well. The directing is faultless but average.

6 out of 10. Same score as Eatman 98.

Even the heroine was rendered speechless after she was asked a brain-dead question.